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Apple Pie Kind Of Essay

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‘Secrets’ and ‘The Taste of Watermelon’ are two short stories that are worth comparing. The two stories have many things that are similar when seen from faraway but have points that differ from each other when looked closely. One main thing they both have in common are that they are both stories which an incident completely changes the relationships with an elder. The different things are that how the main character reacts to the action he does and how he thinks of it at the end.

Between the two stories, the relationship with the elder is something that differs from each other.
In ‘Secrets’ the main character is very close and familiar to the elder, in this story it is referred as ‘Great ...view middle of the document...

The crucifix is a sign of death. Not grabbing the symbol of death means that the aunt yet has something undone before she wants to die. And this ‘something’ may be the fact that she wants to apologize to the main character for the things she has said. One evidence she had that thought, is the fact that the aunt never told about the main character’s mother for what he have done.
Shown above, the story ‘Secrets’ has a sort of friendship between the main character and the elder, where they both hate each other after an incident, but still trying to recover them. However, the situation between the main character and the elder is a little different in ‘The Taste of Watermelon’.
Amongst the main character and his other friends, the main character was the only one who was able to commit the incident of stealing a watermelon. This was because the main character was new to the area; he did not know the fearfulness of Mr. Wills as much as the others. The main character gains information from those who fear the elder. A sort of a chaotic incident then occurs. This incident was expected to make a very bad relationship between the main character and the elder, but the expectation was wrong. When Mr. Wills found about the lost melon, he ‘lift the shotgun over his head’ and ‘his voice crying out again in a terrible, surging yell of pain and anger’. He should’ve been extremely depressed at himself, and felt anger to the stealer; who was the main character. The main character’s guilt is shown as following;
But stealing this great seed melon from a man like Mr. Wills lay outside the safe magic of the tacit understanding between man and boy. And I knew it was up to me, at whatever risk, to repair as well as I could the damage I had done.
He then makes up for the mistakes he have done. This is the part where it is different from ‘Secrets’. In ‘Secrets’ none of them tried to repair for the things they did. This resulted them to gain a very hostile (yet somewhat feeling some remorse). But in ‘The Taste of Watermelon’, this action of repairing made a positive friendship between the elder and him, as well as with Willadean.

The two stories also differ on method of explanation and the points of view. In ‘Secrets’ it is mostly consisting of the portrait of the scenery. It is written in third person, but with some descriptions of a first person. Contrasting to that, in ‘The Taste of Watermelon’ they mostly consist of the other’s actions and the words they say. This is written in a complete first person.
In ‘Secrets’ it is written in third person, although the speaker is...

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