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Apple Picking Essay

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. Lily knew this would only happen in a million years. Mare’s baking was anything but good. ‘I’ll just take some of my apples to Bellah's home down the street, thought Lily, she makes the best pies ever. Later on she would then take a couple pies home to her mother and family and surprise everybody for tomorrow’s breakfast! Her mother’s strength was with her landscaping of rose gardens; she could live on the scent of roses, if she wanted to. Lily knew her history as well as any other student her age. The countless wars were a daily routine and effective. Many citizens accepted war as the only viable reality known to them. Lily loved to read books on peace and wanted everyone to get along. ...view middle of the document...

This shows that they did heal and put right their differences for the sake of their father Abraham, but what of their mother, could they put differences aside for her now? Keturah became his wife too and bore Abraham six sons. Allah selected Makkah for Adam and for Eve after coming from Heaven to live there. Angel Gabriel built ‘Ka’aba’ to be the first place of worship on planet earth. Ishmaels and Hager left for Mecca when he was thirteen. They went into the desert near Beersheba where Ishmael became a desert warrior. Hager and Ishmael are buried in a little building with a small dome, the Maqam-e-Ibrahim. Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael went to rebuild the Ka’aba in Makkah. ‘What about jealousy thought Lily’? She knew all about the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Hager and Keturah. Lily thought that jealousy was just an emotion devoid of nature. Nature is a force that does transform our hearts and minds into unconditional love! Hebron, a place of physical beauty along with a pleasant climate, regardless of its endless wars. In order for Lillian and her family to get to Jerusalem, they first must pass through the disputed Judean Hills, a very sacred place. Sometimes it would take two hours to get to Jerusalem when it should only take thirty minutes or so because of the roadblocks and harassment to and by the Muslims. Lily’s family lived with the Arabs for generations, maybe even during the Ottoman period in ‘1546’, where so many Jewish people were killed during this period that they fled to Hebron, where It became a center of Jewish learning. During the Pre- crusader times, Muslims and Jews alike tolerated each other. Her family was a mixture of the two. So how could they hate themselves? Her family stayed even when it was difficult, which was all the time. Another wave of fear had recently hit Hebron and the Jewish settlers tangled up half the settlement by building more walls to keep Arab families in and out at the same time. They used barbed wire, walls of stones, anything that would barricade them. Everyone was feeling oppressed now and indifferent to each other. Trust was definitely an issue in the world in which Lily lived in. Lily wanted the gaps between the Jewish settlers and Muslims to stop! Lily especially loved going to the Caves. It was here where she could be creative in her movement with the ethereal smoke of sages and frankincense that permeated her very soul. Her family also went to the Machpelah Caves, mostly to pray over the graves of the Patriarchs and the Matriarchs. Lily believed that the caves and Synagogues were the homes and places of worship of her ancestors. This gave her great solace especially when she danced. She would dance for all warring tribes by blending them together with colorful dancing! Co-creation was her belief and this was what she was passionate about. She breathed and danced for the co-creation of men and women on planet earth. Her family was of Christian, Jewish and Muslim descent, but in her heart...

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