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Apple Paper

1037 words - 5 pages

Argumentative Paper Peer Review Rubric.
Please have a peer (friend, family member, coworker- your choice) read your paper and complete this rubric. To make using the rubric easier to submit to me please have your coworker read your paper, and highlight the appropriate level they believe you have achieved using the highlighting tool in your word processing software. In addition, please have them identify and copy and paste your thesis statement and the topic sentences for each paragraph.

|  |Exemplary |Proficient |Emerging |Not Yet Demonstrated |
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| | | |
| |15 pts. |13 pts. |11 pts. |9 pts. |
|ARGUMENTATIVE POINTS |Well-developed argumentative |Most argumentative points are |More than one argumentative |Most argumentative points are |
| |points directly support the |related to the thesis, but one|point lacks sufficient details|poorly developed.  Refutation |
|Body Paragraphs |writer’s thesis / position. |may lack sufficient support or|and support. Writer attempts |is missing or vague.  |
|Refutation |Supporting examples are concrete |deviates from thesis. |to address one or more |Commentary is not present |
|Conclusion |and detailed. Commentary is |Refutation acknowledges |opposing arguments, but the |.Conclusion does not re-visit |
| |logical and well-thought-out. |opposing viewpoint(s) with |writer may not refute the |the thesis or summarize key |
|40 points |Refutation acknowledges opposing |some logic and clarity. |opposition clearly or |argumentative point(s). |
| |viewpoints clearly and |Conclusion summarizes thesis |adequately. Conclusion mirrors| |
| |skillfully.  Conclusion re-visits|and key points with some |introduction too closely, with| |
| |the thesis in a new way and |“fresh” commentary present. |little or no new commentary on| |
| |applies the writer’s position | |the writer’s thesis / | |
| |universally.  |34 pts. |position. | |
| |40 pts. | |29 pts. |24 pts. |
|ORGANIZATION |Logical progression of ideas with|Logical progression of ideas. |Organization is clear. |No discernable organization.  |
| |a clear structure that enhances |Transitions are present |Transitions are present, but |Transitions are not present.  |
|Structure |the thesis.  Transitions are |throughout essay and provide |may not lend to coherence | |
|Transitions |smooth and provide...

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