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Apple Marketing Plan Essay

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Dr. Allen Barclay
Marketing Management: BADM 471

Internal Environment

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, both college dropouts, founded the Apple Company on April 1976. Their partnership started several years before they created Apple. Wozniak, a self-taught electronics engineer, built a box that was able to call long-distance for free. They couldn’t simply make enough money with how small their company was, so they decided to expand ("Reference for Business.").
To help expand Apple, Jobs hired Mike Markkula. Markkula is a retired engineer who also managed the marketing department for Intel Corporation and Fairchild Semiconductor. Markkula bought ...view middle of the document...

Refer to appendix B to get a better look on when apple created each other their products.


Apple has shown progress in its financial aspect of the company. On December 28, 2013 Apple recorded their quarterly revenue of $ 57.6 billion and net profit of $13. 1 billion. The year before, their quarterly revenue was $54. 5 billion and net profit was the same, $13.1 billion. Gross margin was 37.9% compared to 38.6% from the year before (."Apple - Investor Relations - Financial Information." ). As you can tell Apple has exceptional finances and is making plentiful profits.
You can also measure how well a company is doing but how many products the company sells in a year. Apple sold 51 million iPhones, which is an all-time quarterly record, compared to the 47.8 million they sold the last quarter. 26 million iPads were also sold that quarter, also an all-time record, compared to 22.9 million that were sold the year before ("Apple - Investor Relations - Financial Information.").
Apple is unquestionable a very successful company. They have loyal consumers who will automatically buy Apple’s up-to-date products (like the iPhones), which is an aid in how profitable apple is as a company. For a more complete look at Apple’s finances for this quarter, refer to appendix C.


Originally Apple wanted to be the exclusive controllers of their company. Apple decided that it was crucial to expand sales. In the efforts to expand sales, Apple has slowly been adding more distribution channels with high sales volume. An example would be that Apple is now going to start selling the iPhone at Wal-Mart. ("Distribution Strategy of Apple.Inc." ).
By allowing Wal-Mart to sell the IPhone, Apple can now reach out to more consumers. Starting on December 28th, the IPhone will be available at nearly 2,500 stores. By changing their strategy by expanding into Wal-Mart, this will help them compete with Google, Microsoft, and other companies ("Distribution Strategy of Apple.Inc.").
Apple has listed a couple reasons why they have an advantage in distribution. The reasons are:
* Apple has its network of stores
* Apple buys in bulk, this keeps price lower than its rivals ("Distribution Strategy of Apple.Inc.").
Apple overall has an excellent distribution plan. They are always looking for improvements that will help give them more of a competitive advantage against their competitors.

External environment
External environment can include many things like competitive, economic, demographic, social and cultural, political and legal, and technological environment. Not all companies can relate to all of these. I believe that the two that Apple can relate too would be competitive and social and cultural environment.

Competitive Environment
Apple has a variety of competitors. Like listed above some of their competitors consist of Google, Microsoft, and many other companies. Apple is in a competition on who can sell the most products...

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