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Apple Essay

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Question #3
In which areas could the company improve? Be specific about what they could do?
Apple faces many competitors in the various industries it participates in, especially on the mobile side. One of the biggest problems that apple faces is the high cost of its products, such as iPhones and iPads. Competitors are constantly cutting their products prices in order to attract customers away from apple. Therefore, Apple must find a way to keep its products cost down to an affordable price range to maintain its customers happy. Apple's competitors have the ability to sell their products at little to no profit forcing apple to find a way to reduce the cost involved with producing ...view middle of the document...

Apple must continuously invest in patents, trademarks, copyrights and licenses not only in the domestic market but the foreign market as well. They must improve their ability to protect their product legally in all markets across the world.
Apple's products depend on various other markets to maintain their success. One of those markets is the mobile carrier market such as AT&T and Verizon. Without the services of these mobile carriers, Apple products would not be as successful. These mobile carriers subsidize the cost of Apple products making them available to people of all financial backgrounds. Therefore, Apple largely depends on these companies. One way that Apple can improve is by trying to depend less on these companies in the long run. Since a large part of Apple devices depend on mobile communications, Apple can try to become their own mobile carrier just as they have successfully become a large digital distributor with their iTunes product. By doing so, Apple will then have total control of a key aspect of their product.
Lastly, in being the innovative leader in the industry, Apple must discontinue the use of products that are becoming obsolete. It is becoming clearer and clearer as the years go by that the personal computer is dwindling in the market. PC's are no longer the staple they used to be in part because of the introduction of tablets. Apple, must find a way to either revolutionize the PC or part ways with it or concentrate on the future markets that we are transitioning into. Another Apple product that is no longer popular are the iPod branch of products. With the introduction of the iPhone, the iPod became sort of obsolete. Apple can save considerable resources if they did away with the iPod branch of products.
Question #4
How is the company doing in relation to the industry averages?
There is no question about who is the market leader for phones and computers everyone knows its Apple unless they are living under a rock. They set the standard high when they introduced to the market the Iphone and Macbooks. The only company that comes close to them is Samsung but due the fact that we couldn’t configure their ratios to US dollar amounts our group decided to compare it to their competitor HP. HP doesn’t even come close to becoming a threat to Apple but for the sake of comparing to a company with in its industry we have used their financial data information. Apples Operating cycle is -19.30 days compared to HP’s 46.91 days. A negative sign for operating cycle ratio may look alarming but it’s actually desirable. When an operating cycle is negative is means the company is using is working capital as efficiently as possible so they have additional cash available for other things like to invest which is what apple does to create profit. Where are as it takes HP 46.91 days to go through whole operating cycle. We can dissect why apple has a negative operating cycle days through three ratios which are: Days in...

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