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Apple Business Analysis

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Apple Inc. Business Analysis

Yvette Metzger
Mgmt 521
September 12, 2011
Erick Espinosa

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Many companies in today’s market have become successful through a variety of investors. These investors supply in the businesses needs to fulfill that particular business and provide revenue and profits in the future. As a manager, a business is going to want to ensure all avenues of that business are updated and essentially active to their fullest potential. Many operations of ...view middle of the document...

Some examples of their
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equipment developed include the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. All three systems are equipped with speed as well as clarity and knowledge at the consumer’s fingertips. Apple Inc. is operated from its headquarters in Cupertino, US, but shared throughout the global market.
As a business manager, the following will display a SWOT analysis on this high tech computer company. This analysis will evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. By reviewing this detailed information, investors can better decide if it’s worth the cost to invest into the business. The information will also share information pertinent to now and future needs of the consumer and where technology will adapt in the unforeseeable future.
Apple Company has many strengths that they uphold. Some of these strengths include Apple is a very successful company. Apple not only carries a high loyal brand, but its IT brand carries a set of loyal followers and consumers. Another strength this loyal company shares is a high volume in sales. For example, Apple released its first flash-based MP3 player on January 11, 2005. The new player was the size of a pack of gum and cost for $99 (for the 512 MB version). This made it a great value among MP3 players, with most comparably priced players providing half the capacity (Hormby, 2007). This music player was widely spread throughout the world growing in sales volume. In late 2005, Apple announced that its profits had quadrupled largely due to the iPod. They also announced that over 28 million devices had been sold, giving Apple a 75% market share for digital music players (Hormby, 2007).
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Some Weaknesses that Apple Inc. displayed were either technical difficulties or equipment failures. One weakness was with the iPod nano. The iPod nano, introduced in September 2005, was developed to mimic the display of hard drive-based players, but its capacity is completely different inside. It offers high capacity flash memory for its file storage, and it carries a brand new navigating scroll wheel manufactured by Apple. It was shared that the Ipod nano carried a faulty screen.
As far as weaknesses, it was also reported that Apple was going to cut off their relationship in 2005 with IBM, chip supplier, and enter a relationship with Intel. This was a weakness because the technology was already based with IBM, and the change would increase the price in Apple’s product line. Apple tended to carry more expensive and higher priced products at that time, that the change in supplier could steer consumers to competitors in the industry. Apple has been bragging about how the iPad 2 is a "post-PC" device, but you still need to plug...

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