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Appendix F Essay

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Appendix F

Healthy Interpersonal Relationships Worksheet

Use your textbook to answer the following questions. You are not required to respond in essay format. You may use short-answer responses, including lists, to answer these questions.

1. What are the characteristics of intimate relationships? What are behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, emotional attachment, and emotional availability? Why is each important in relationship development?

characteristics: enduring behavioral interdependence, repeated interactions, emotional attachment, and need fulfillment.
behavioral interdependence: each partner doing the things they like and checking in with each other
need fulfillment: getting your needs fulfilled. Examples: security, touch, contact, intellectual etc.
emotional availability: safety/willingness to share self
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The irony of anger toward a wrongful action is that it spawns new wrongs of its own. Anger almost never makes things better. In fact, it usually generates additional problems. But patience stops problems in their tracks. More than biting your lip, more than clapping your hand over your mouth, patience is a deep breath. It clears the air. It stops foolishness from whipping its scorpion tail all over the room. It is a choice to control your emotions rather than allowing your emotions to control you, and shows discretion instead of returning evil for evil. If your spouse offends you, do you quickly retaliate, or do you stay under control? Do you find that anger is an emotional default when treated unfairly? If so, you are spreading poison rather than medicine. Anger is usually caused when the strong desire for something is mixed with disappointment or grief. You don?t get what you want and you start heating up inside. It is often an emotional reaction that flows out of our own selfishness, foolishness, or evil motives.

3. What are the common elements of healthy relationships? What are some common warning signs of trouble? What actions can you take to improve your own interpersonal relationships?

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on: * Mutual respect * Trust * Honesty * Support * Fairness/equality * Separate identities * Good communication * A sense of playfulness/fondness

4. Why is social support important to an individual’s health and wellness? What type of social support do you have that has positively affected your health and wellness?

It is important because it gives you self worth and makes you more confidence in whatever dreams or goals you are pursuing. When you're surrounded by negativity, and people are verbally attacking you and doubting you, you feel like crap, which wreaks havoc on your health, and subsequently, your life in general. [ Just having someone to talk to, and people that help you and support you with your forward momentum in life, is extremely important to your health and wellness.

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