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Appeals To Ad Adversting Essay

1024 words - 5 pages

Yvonne Aguilar
Mr. Odegaard
English 104
The Dream Vacation
Disney has a broad variety of products marketed around the world and is widely known for being one of the biggest sources of entertainment. The ad for Disney Cruise Line featured in Parents magazine, is inviting families internationally to come and book a vacation with them. It targets mothers, who are usually the ones that plan the vacation and want to ensure that everyone will enjoy their time together. Mothers are mainly the ones who read parenting magazines to obtain ideas on how to maintain their family’s happiness and keep things fun. Disney sets themselves apart by appealing to the idea that your ...view middle of the document...

The advertisement alludes to the “perfect” family suggesting that if you choose Disney your family can enjoy this moment as well. Along the bottom of the ad, are mini scenes from the family vacation with Disney Cruise Line. One of the images shows how the mother and daughter can have some quality time together bonding over their favorite Disney character. Another image has the mother, father and son together enjoying a pirate theme event. Also showing how the parents can bond with their son. The pictures shows not only can the girls bond but also can the father and son have some boy bonding time. Having some adventurous fun in the sun with his son is every father dream come true. These photos imply that parents can participate in these activities and be just as happy as the other parents are in the pictures. The photos say The Disney Cruise Line can provide all of that. Along with the sense of adventure, every member of your family will be happy regardless of the age. Children grow up very fast and it is important that parents get to cherish those loving moment with them. The image effectively uses the parents wanting to feel loved by their children to sell the product.
The appeal to self-actualization gives hope to mothers to make them believe they can have a family dream vacation that can be provided by Disney Cruise Line. “Kids? Happy. Husband? Happy. Me? Happiest of all.” The gold color, the all caps font and the center placement of those words help make the ad more attractive to the viewer. The gold color suggests to the mothers that these are the “golden” words they should follow. Gold is usually coupled with being pristine. The font is very elegant and appealing to the viewer’s eyes with vine-like parenthesis to direct them to the main message, that everyone is happy with Disney Cruise Line. Placing this phrase at the top center of the page is a great way to stop the viewers from flipping the page and continuing reading. Everyone has different wants and needs. It is mainly the mother’s job to accommodate...

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