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Apologetics In Theology Essay

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Apologetics in Christian Theology
Part One:
A world view is a fundamental cognitive orientation of a society or an individual that encompasses the entire breadth of the society or individual's knowledge and point-of-view. This can include natural philosophy, theories of fundamental, existential or normative philosophy or an elaboration of the themes, emotions, values and ethics of that person or society (" Secularism," 2004).
Part Two: Articulate the biblical/Christian Worldview (what is believed)
First of all, we must define which Christian world view we have. Christianity is a combination of different sects. However, the particular evangelical world view of this author is best ...view middle of the document...

The idea that a great flood could not have happened is simply impossible. Much of the world's land mass was underwater after the last ice age that created such great ancient bodies of water such as Lake Missoula ("Glacial lake missoula," 2005). Also, scientists early on claimed that Nineveh did not exist until the famous archaeologist Charles Wooley found it in Ur in 1926 (Fischer, 2008, 95). Foxholes are not the only places where atheists fear to tread. Increasingly, they find it hard to exist at biblical archeology sites as well.
Identity-From first cause, we can now attack the question of our identity and prove we are more than so much goo and more deserving of dignified respect. Of course, in Genesis 1:27-28; 2:7, we are told that we are made in God's image. Further in Job 10:8-12 and Job 35:10-11, Job looked to God as the first cause and teacher, saying that no one could deny him.
Meaning-In Exodus 4:10-11, Moses, who is told by God not to be nervous about his speech impediment not to be afraid to speak, for it is God that gives him a mouth and the ability to speak. Further, in Exodus 9:16 God tells Israel that he has raised them up for the purpose that they should know him. In the King James version of Rev 4:11, it says that “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” The first cause, God, gives us meaning for existence on the earth.
Morality -The Lord is our judge. This should remind us of why we need to be moral (Isaiah 33:22). Further in Jeremiah 10:23, the prophet informs us that a man's life is not his own to direct. Obviously,...

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