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Apologetics 104 Critical Thinking Assignment

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Critical Thinking Assignment

June 25, 2012

Critical Thinking Assignment

The Question of Origin
In Buddhism, they do not teach nor do they believe that there is an all-powerful God that created the universe. They look to Buddha, the religion’s founder, for a model of how to behave. In the Buddhist view, the universe is infinite in both time and space and the universe is created and destroyed over and over again in a process we call natural evolution.
The Question of Identity
Buddhist considers all life to be sacred and/or spiritual in nature. They believe in reincarnation and a person’s spiritual future is based solely on one’s good or bad actions in this ...view middle of the document...

The Question of Destiny
In the Buddhist view, a person’s actions will not only affect this life but it can also impact a person’s destiny in subsequent lives. Buddhist believes that all people are reborn over and over again until they reach spiritual enlightenment and then Nirvana. In Buddhism good deeds are rewarded by receiving a better rebirth. Karma dictates a person’s rebirth including their financial state, appearance, class, health, species, and intelligence. Buddhist ultimate goal is to strive for Nirvana. Nirvana is the state that exists beyond the cycle of reincarnation, freedom from Karmic suffering, and provides a state of heavenly paradise.
The Question of Origin
In the Christian/Biblical worldview the origin of life of everything that exists was a direct result of God, our Creator. Not only did God create the universe but he also is intimately involved with it, whereas, the Buddhist view states clearly that they do not believe in God nor that God created the universe, they believe in the religions founder, called Buddha and that the universe is a direct result of natural evolution.
The Question of Identity
The Christian theory on our identity is that we were created in the image of God and that we are her to be watchers over the animals and that our identity begins with God and ends with God. In the Buddhist view both animals and humans are spiritual creatures in nature that can obtain the same likeness in the eyes of the Buddha. We may not have the same belief on our identity but both believe that animals and humans are equal.
The Question of Meaning/Purpose
In the Buddhist view their ultimate purpose is to end suffering, obtain...

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