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Apollo Case To Do List Essay

1392 words - 6 pages

Apollo Checklist | | | | | | | | |
Section | | Page | To Do – Yes/No | WP Reference | Blackboard Template Available – Yes/No | Description of To Do | | Other Notes |
Planning | | 6 | Yes | GA-1 | No | 2. Draft Engagement Letter using the sample letter from the previous auditors in Blackboard. You will need to type this in word from scratch. You will need to make appropriate changes as needed and as discussed in class. | | |
Planning | | 6 | Yes | GA-2 | No | 3.Draft short staffing requirements memo | | |
Planning | | 37 | Yes | Varies | Yes | Note you do not need to search for audit programs – Refer to Blackboard for Audit Program Templates that are included with ...view middle of the document...

You do not need to complete the ICQ questionnaire | | |
Internal Controls | | 52 | No | ICC-X | Yes | 2. You do not need to complete the Workpaper template for the Strengths and Weaknesses as Discussed in Class – based on the flowchart info on page 57 – columns 1-2-3 | | |
Internal Controls | | 59 | No | ICC-1 | Yes | You do not need to prepare the bridge working paper to address the fraud issues with respect to the revenue cycle | | |
Internal Controls | | 60 | No | ICC-2 | Yes | You do not need to write the memo identifying the qualitative features | | |
Section | | Page | To Do – Yes/No | WP Reference | Blackboard Template Available – Yes/No | Description of To Do | | Other Notes |
Internal Controls | | 60- bottom | Yes | N/A | N/A | Prepare the memo in the C-series regarding the Accounts Receivable | | |
Internal Control | | 63 | No | N/A | Yes | You do not need to prepare the bridge workpaper for the purchasing system | | |
Cash | | 64 | Yes | All B Series | Yes | Audit cash as we discussed in class by using the Cash Audit program and Leadsheet template in blackboard – you should then cross reference workpapers with tickmarks for the cash accounts and the detailed audit work performed on the operating account | | |
Accounts Receivable | | 75 | Yes | C-Series | Yes | Audit accounts receivable as discussed in class and the items in bold on this page using the Accounts Receivable Audit Program (for some steps) and leadsheets – Note - You do should prepare a separate memo addressing the accounts receivable e confirmation process - and I have provided you with some of information for documentation of C-3 – the allowance for doubtful accounts – include the confirmations as part of your accounts receivable workpapers | | |
Section | | Page | To Do – Yes/No | WP Reference | Blackboard Template Available – Yes/No | Description of To Do | | Other Notes |
Inventory | | 86 | Yes | D Series | No | Note - You will need to write a memo based on Bradley’s inventory observation notes. You should be using the manual workpapers to tie in the inventory warehouse report to inventory status report and make a selection of 6 unit costs from the recent invoices and tie them back to the inventory status report | | |
Inventory | | N/A | Yes | D Series | Yes | Using the Inventory Audit Program and the Inventory Leadsheet and Other Inventory Workpapers in Blackboard – Document the reserve for inventory adjustment and the reclassification of the $2,145,000 as we discussed in class | | |
Section | | Page | To Do – Yes/No | WP Reference | Blackboard Template Available – Yes/No | Description of To Do | | Other Notes |
Prepaids and Other Assets | | 110 | Yes | I series | Yes | Audit Prepaids and Other Assets and Complete the Investment section - Using the Prepaid and Other Asset Audit Program and workpapr templates in blackboard and based on our class discussion – propose the adjusting journal entries for...

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