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Aphrodite: The Passionate Goddess Essay

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Mythology has been a very important aspect to the Greek society. It was their way of explaining the unknown. Greeks attributed many human characteristics to Gods and Goddesses. For example they explained love by creating the Goddess Aphrodite. Her impressive beauty, charisma, irresistible seduction, powerful sexuality, and happiness that Aphrodite radiates make her the most passionate Goddess of all. (Greek Mythology. com).
Aphrodite is known as the most charismatic Goddess and she is known for being the most beautiful of all Goddesses. Aphrodite’s beauty was demonstrated when she was named the prettiest goddess by Paris, a Trojan prince. She was named over Hera and Athena who tried to ...view middle of the document...

Because Hephaestus was the steadiest of the gods, Zeus married Aphrodite to him. Her husband made her jewelry that made her more desirable than what she was already. Yet, she was not pleased to be wife of Hephaestus. Aphrodite was caught by her husband in an invisible net while she was having an affair with the god of war Ares. She divorced Hephaestus. Aphrodite was really sexual, she even did sexual favors. Once she gave sexual favors to Hermes just because he found her lost sandal (Dean 1). People over Greece celebrate her and her sexuality. Aphrodite has a festival celebrated in Athens and Corinth where they worship sexual intercourse.
As mentioned earlier, Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and so all of her love brings happiness too. Aphrodite makes mortals and Gods fall in love. She is known to play with people’s feelings. Once Zeus punished her because she was making Gods fall in love with mortals and mortals with Gods and that was not accepted. Aphrodite is always full of lovers too. One of these...

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