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Apes And Mid Life Crisis Essay

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Mid-life Crisis in Apes

At middle age, a giant chimp would neither deceive his spouse nor purchase a red sports car on urge. However, studies have discovered that apes and orangutans face midlife problems just as certainly as humans beings do. Those discoveries, which were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, might upset tightly held faiths regarding the origins of human pleasure and the forces that cause impact on its peculiar route across the span of life (Jaques, 2002). If relatives of animals share human proclivity for grief, removal and irritation at the midpoint of life, most probably the midlife problem is in fact lead by biological ...view middle of the document...

The first feeling of the kind of impossible aspirations in regard to the sexual, financial, social and professional arises for the first time at the stages of middle life. It is only then that the sad reality of the surroundings and the entire world of reality truly get to you and sink in inside the conscience. Animals actually do sense that they are going to die at some point of time. But they do not have any idea when that event is going to offer in the real time (Weiss, 2012).
In reality the midlife crisis is not because of to the marital breakups, mortgages, cell phones or any other kinds of great deals of the modern world. This can be illustrated by the fact that even the apes too possess midlife crisis and they do not have the position of any of the things mentioned above. Those people that are actually happy in life have a tendency of living together, but this does not have any significance statistically in regard to the pronounced midlife lowering. One explanation that can be given of the midlife crisis is the fact that it is actually adaptive. This is really not the minimum point of a complete cycle of a periodic function biologically because physically a large number of people and even the apes too are supposed to be in the best possible shape at this age which is termed to be a difficult one (Corbey, 2001).
A correspondence of this might be drawn to the time at which everyone of us are healthy and the maximum amount of economic success is experienced as well as the success related to the reproduction for being able to give along with the huge group of kinship (Jaques, 2012 ). In fact the crisis might go on to provide motivation to one for ensuring that things do not go out of hand at this point of time which is to say that the resources that are available must be best utilized when they are still available to you. “It has been described as only a hypothesis by the lead author conducting this study” says Alexander Weiss from the University of Edinburgh. This middle aged period might just be the most prime period for the improvement of the situations in life (Shipp, 1987).
Just merely the fact that this kind of low is observed both in cases of humans as well as in case of apes tends to hints that this is not out of any social cause present but actually due to the phenomenon whose roots are ingrained deep within the evolutionary past of both the humans as well as the apes.
It is very interesting to note that some concepts have been given by the anecdotal evidence which tend to suggest that the great apes like the bonobos and the gory do not experience the midlife crisis in their lives. The Aspinall foundation present in the western lowland is refuge to the largest number gorillas in captivity all over the world. The overseas director of the foundation is Amos Courage, who has presented that there has been no middle age dip that has been experienced by them. The overall consensus is that they keep on getting grumpy with age (Jaques,...

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