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Apart From Preventing Conception, The Use Of Condom Also Prevents The Spread Of Aids. For This Reason, People Are Encouraged To Use Condoms During Sexual Relations. Indirectly, The Condom Encourages Sex Outside Marriage. What Is Your Opinion?

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Apart from preventing conception, the use of condom also prevents the spread of AIDS. For this reason, people are encouraged to use condoms during sexual relations. Indirectly, the condom encourages sex outside marriage. In my opinion, I personally think that the Ministry of Health should not organize a “Use Condom” campaign. This is because the priority and the main concern should be focused more on the practical and efficient ways in how to prevent HIV and AIDS instead of encourage people to use condoms which don’t seem enough to stop the spread of AIDS.
Although condom can help in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV and AIDS, but somehow it provides less protection ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, it seems pointless for the government and Ministry of Health Malaysia to promote “Use Condom” campaign as using condom only targets for the prevention of HIV and AIDS through sexual activities, but unable to help in the community of drug addicts who always use sharing needles to inject drugs. The government should pay more efforts in increasing the awareness and education about the challenges and the effective ways to prevent HIV and AIDS to all community in the country, including students, working adults, drug addicts, people who are practising casual sex activities and many more.
There are many ways to prevent the spread of AIDS. As we all know, HIV and AIDS is a major threat to the human well-being. It is necessary for us to jointly take measurement in generating effective ways to deal with it. The role of the various parties is very important whether in levels of government, non-governmental organizations (NGO), scientists, preachers, community, family and individuals. Firstly, the government has to focus more on educating students about the knowledge of HIV and AIDS. Public awareness about HIV needs to target for teenagers and students between 14 to 20 years old because students are among those who are often exposed to a variety of sex curiosity and social issues during their age, such as smoking, drinking and drug addiction. At present, this high risk group is getting less attention from their parents and the surrounding community especially when they normally have instinct to try new things and willing to take risks. Therefore they need to be guided and educated on how to prevent and the risks of infecting HIV and AIDS so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle and curb the spread of HIV and AIDS to others.
In the year 2000, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education Malaysia has established the PROSTAR (Program Hidup Sihat Tanpa AIDS untuk Remaja) club in some selected secondary schools in the country. The establishment of PROSTAR clubs in the schools has created a new approach to youth in an effort to provide education on AIDS to their peers and with the aim of increasing awareness about HIV and AIDS infection and prevention so that they can adopt a healthy lifestyle based on their religion and moral values. Besides, it also aims to create a generation of dignity and responsible to oneself, family, nation, religion and country, thus nurture the students to continue their participation in the AIDS prevention at the end of their schooling.
Throughout the PROSTAR program, the students have been taught about the ways of getting infection and how to prevent HIV and AIDS, especially from the factor of drug uses. There are many methods used to deliver information to the club members including public talks by experts, anti-drug exhibition, group visit to Drug Cure & Care Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) and AIDS Foundation Center, lectures talk and group discussion about the effects of drug addiction. This is intended to...

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