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Apa Format Essay

1364 words - 6 pages

After completing this tutorial, you should be able to:
* Apply the correct formatting rules to set up your paper according to APA specifications.
* Identify situations where parenthetical references are needed
* Construct parenthetical references within the body of the paper.
* Recognize the cross-referencing relationship between the parenthetical (in-text) references and the Reference page.
* Construct a Reference list encompassing different types of source material

Section I. Introduction to APA Style

What is APA style?
APA is an editorial style recommended by the American Psychological Association (APA) for preparing scholarly manuscripts and ...view middle of the document...

Civilizing the Machine: Technology and Republican Values in America 1776-1900. New York: Penguin, 1976. Print. * Author's last name written out completely * Date of publication appears at end of citation * All major words in title capitalized |
| |

Based on what you know so far, which one of these citations is probably in APA format?
Top of Form
Kauffmann, S. (1993, October 18). On films: Class consciousness. The New Republic, p.30.

Whitaker, Mark. "Getting Tough at Last." Newsweek 10 May 1993: 22.
Section 2. Formatting Your Paper

The Title Page
The rules of APA require a paper to have a title page. The title page should include 4 things:
* A running head and page number - The running head version of your title is printed at the top left of your paper in all uppercase letters. The page number appears with the running head and is found flush right.
* The title of your paper - You should have a simple title centered on the page that explains your paper in 10 to 12 words.
* Your name and the name of your school - This should be double spaced and centered directly below your title.
* Author Note (not typically required for student papers)
Line Spacing, Margins and Font
Your paper must be double spaced and APA recommends using 1" margins and a 12pt Times Roman font.
Follow the links to view and print more detailed directions for formatting a title page in Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2007, or continue below.

Title page of a sample paper

True or false: When you set up a paper in APA format, you must have a title page.



Section 3. Citing Sources in APA Style

Parenthetical or In-text References
A parenthetical or in-text reference is the term for citing material within the body of your paper. Whenever you summarize, paraphrase or quote another author's material you must include a brief citation (the author's last name and a page number) to tell the reader what information you have borrowed and from where. That brief citation tells the reader that the complete citation can be found at the end of your paper in the Reference list.

An example of a parenthetical reference:
A longstanding concern in the study of children's social and emotional development is the nature of the relationship between television violence and aggressive behavior (Simmons, Stalsworth, & Wentzel, 1999).
When you write (Simmons, Stalsworth, & Wentzel, 1999) at the end of a sentence, the reader knows that you have borrowed or summarized ideas from an article by Simmons, Stalsworth, & Wentzel published in 1999 and that the full citation to that work can be found in the Reference list at the end of your paper.
 Section 3. Citing Sources in APA Style

What is a Reference List?
The reference list is located at the end of your paper. It is an alphabetical list of works you consulted and cited within your paper. Your reference...

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