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The Protestant Reformation began with passing of the Supremacy Act in 1543, which made Henry VIII the head of the Anglican church. King Henry’s chief minister, Thomas Cromwell than passed many policies that favored himself and the king. In response to this, outraged Catholics began to protest against the actions of Cromwell and King Henry VIII in what is known as the Pilgrimage of Grace. The Pilgrimage lasted only one year (1536-1537) , and the participants in it protested and demonstrated their side of the issue. The participants in the Pilgrimage of Grace didn’t want Protestants to have power and were very against the Protestant King Henry and Thomas Cromwell. The goals of the ...view middle of the document...

5) Naturally, Aske would request all this since he was the leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace. The protests and demonstrations were partly in reaction to Henry VIII becoming the head of the Church by the Act of Supremacy in 1534. The marchers detested the fact that after the Pope had been the leader of Church for centuries, the King had suddenly also become the leader. After this petition, an anonymous pamphlet attributed to Sir Thomas Tempest (former member of the Parliament for Newcastle) said that, “The king should grant our petition against the traitor Thomas Cromwell and his adherents or at least exile from the realm (Doc. 6).” The protestors believed that Cromwell had too much power and wanted to get rid of him, as he was the person who influenced the King the most.
A group that was greatly affected by policies placed by Oliver Cromwell were the monks because
Cromwell’s policies took away the monasteries. In 1536, Catholic monks composed a ballad that said, “Great God’s fame, does the church proclaim, now to be lame, and held in bonds. Robbed, spoiled and shorn of cattle and corn, houses and lands” (Doc. 4). The monks participated in this Pilgrimage in order to get all houses and lands that the monasteries were robbed of. They needed “To have the monasteires’ houses, lands and goods restored to them” (Doc. 5) In a re-creation of a banner carried by peasant marchers, the “Wounds of Christ” were depicted. The picture consists of a chalice, a plow and a cattle horn surrounding a heart with hands and feet sticking out it and blood dripping from everything (Doc. 3). The banner symbolized the monks who were suffering because they had everything taken away from them. ). Robert Aske also expressed his unhappiness with the robbing of the monasteries in a testimony given shortly before his execution in 1537. He said that “Any monies earned from the abbey lands are now going to the King” and that “Traveling strangers and beggars have no help on the roads” (Doc.11). He is saying that now monasteries aren’t around to help since everything was going to the King. Monasteries were now out for themselves, unlike before, when they were out to help others.
But the Pilgrimage of Grace wasn’t favored by everyone. There were many people who opposed the works and ideas of the Pilgrimage of Grace. For...

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