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Ap Euro 1st Semester Final Review

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AP Euro Final
* Gargantuan French writer- Robia
* Imaginary perfect society- Utopia
* Praise of Folly, Humanist, Dutch reformer- Erasmus
* Predestination, Geneva confiscatory, religious theocracy, Swiss – John Calvin
* Series of religious wars, which Charles the 5 advocated due to his poor physical health, ended with Peace of Augsburg
* Shamldik Wars- established use of intendofs, Cardinal Richelieu
* Pastel colors, aristocratic life’s- Rococo
* Father of Humanism, poet, sonnets- Petrarch
* Straw which broke the camel’s back, brought on the reformation- Tetzel (indulgenences)
* Higher soldiers in renaissance Italy- Condottieri
* Supporter of ...view middle of the document...

England on its way to becoming a constitutional monarchy, king has to consult with lawmaking body called parliament
* Robert wallpole- first prime minister associated with the creation of first cabinet George the 1st (country home….Spacious)
* This allowed Maria Theresa to become empress of Austria- Pragmatic Sanction
* 3rd estates, we are the Third state we are everything! – Abbey
* Dechristianization, 10 day week, calendar, -time period: Thermadorian
* Leader of the committee of public safety- Robespierre
* 5 man government that was corrupt, ineffectual, tried to get away from reforms of the revolution- Directory
* Most enlightened- Joseph the second
* Known as the French and Indian wars, this is seen as world’s first world war, 7 YRS WAR ended with treaty of Paris 1763
* Created war commissariat, created bases of Prussian army, didn’t want to disturb barons too much so allowed serfdom to continue in Prussia – The Great Elector (Fred)
* Causes were high inflation, loss of communal values, religious wars, individualism -Witch Hunts
* During this century childhood became distinct because of toys and the way they dressed- 18th
* Each estate was given one vote then the third estate wanted one vote per individual
* In Russia this is seen as the debate about which road ruler should take, -Slovafiles vs Westernizers. Peter the great and rulers wants technology but not the ideas bc danger
* Putine is in the branch of slovafile (his way the best way)
* Lavathin- Thomas Hobbes
* Strange, mentally ill man led the most successful serf uprising in Russia- Pugachev
* Committee of Public safety was to protect France from internal and external enemies- Maxamillion Robespierre
* Baroque artist, ecstasy of St Theresa- Bernini (Italian)
* True beginning of the French revolution, they promised not to disband until they had written a constitution- Tennis Court Oath
* Napoleons agreement with the church: he would not give land and wealth back to church bit made Catholicism the main religion of France(Concordat)
* March to Versailles- We want the bakers man, the bakers wife, and the bakers son made Louis and family move to Paris (essentially prisoners will never live in Versailles)
* Lycee, Metric system, Frank, code of laws which kept many of the rights, - Reforms of Napoleon
* Battle of the nations in waterloo – Failures of napoleon
* Victor of waterloo- Wellington victor of Trafalgar- Nelson he dies
* Russians defeated Napoleon by the winter and the scorched earth burning
* Composer of defeat of napoleon- Cerkowski 1812 overture
* After Trafalgar- napoleon tried to economically starve Britain by the continental system. British responded with orders of council, Stopped any ships headed to France which would stop us ships which starts the war of 1812
* Olymp De gucgh- Declaration of the rights of women
* Ended the death penalty...

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