Any Given Sunday A Sociological Analysis

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This paper explores the movie “Any Given Sunday” and attempts to discuss the movie in detail by focusing on character examples of the personal functions of sport such as feelings of belongingness and social identification, the socially acceptable outlet for hostile and aggressive feelings, and the role sport plays as a cultural element to bring meaning to life. Additional attention will be given to aspects of extra-sport character behavior and a determination of whether or not such behaviors support sport stereotypes and/or deviant characteristics. Through internet research, library study, and the use of periodical articles found in the ProQuest databases, I intend to apply the ...view middle of the document...

I intend to apply the functionalist model of society to show that “The Miami Sharks” highlighted in the movie supports stability and equilibrium in the community of Miami based on common interests and convictions.
The movie begins with scenes from a game between the Sharks and the Minnesota Americans. Violent images of men attempting to dominate one another fill the screen. Players are struggling to physically best one another through the use of physical contact as well as verbal taunting. At the end of one of these exchanges, Jack “Cap” Rooney, lays hostage to anger and pain on the grass. Several interactions take place both on the sidelines as well as on the field extolling the need for violent behavior to protect the quarterback from further injury. Cap tells his right tackle, “Madman,” to “hold him, rip out his eyes, but don’t let him mess with me!” Madman replies with adoration, “Cap, I’ll keep him off you even if I gotta bite off his thumb.” Those images of ripping a man’s eyes out or biting off his thumb would be considered completely out of place in almost any situation, but on the football field that type of reference to violence and aggression is common. Aggression and sport have gone together as long as sports have been around, be it the players themselves, the parents, coaches, or spectators, aggression and sport just seem to be an inseparable part of each other. Athletes do have to be aggressive to a point, so that the team can form a strategy to win. There is also a limit to aggression when it turns into violence. People might say that it's not aggression or violence, it's just adrenaline pumping. Adrenaline isn't even similar to violence. Adrenaline may resemble aggression, but certainly nothing that would be truly harmful to anyone else. The term violence is defined as physical assault based on total disregard for the well being of self and others, or the intent to injure another person, according to Webster’s. Intimidation usually does not cause physical harm, but often is designed to produce psychological consequences, enabling one person to physically over power or dominate another. Other's might argue that it's skill, and not in the least way violent. Although we really can't give a straight and to the point answer to the question “Is aggression an Instinct?” We can say that in man, as in other animals, there exists a physiological mechanism when stimulated it raises both subjective feelings of anger and leads to physical changes, which relate to fighting. This is easily set off, and like other emotional responses, it is very stereotyped, and instinctive. Just like one aggressive person is like a very angry person; they resemble one another at the psychological level, (Toch, H. 1992. p. 180). High levels of aggression and attempts at intimidation generate a tremendous amount of action. This might be a factor to why contact sports are so popular. Consequently, the popularity of contact sports leads many to...

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