Antz Essay On Types Of Government

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Antz Assignment By: Pratheep Rajan

The movie “Antz” is a great movie for this class, because it is related to civics in a lot of ways. Civics is the study of the rights, duties and freedoms of a citizen as well as the role of the roles that these citizen play within society. In the movie the colony of ants have their jobs assigned to them at birth, because their government was run that way. The ants could be assigned roles such as a soldier or a worker, but along with their responsibilities they also had limited rights within the colony. The colony was set up in social classes in which the workers where looked down upon, not only that but the social classes were not permitted to interact ...view middle of the document...

This would benefit the colony greatly because the ants would be happier working with the government to make it better instead of working for it. Not only that, but the citizens could have some great ideas that would benefit the colony. Another ant in the colony wanted to change the monarch controlled government even though he was the General of the Army. General Mandible wanted to create a super colony with a superior race and an extremely strong army made up of the strongest, smartest and most fit ants. He generally wanted to create a colony with a military dictator which would be totally controlled by him, where the army would keep order. This would not benefit the colony in any way, because he wanted to create a whole new colony and leave the old one. Not only did he want to leave the old colony, but he tried to kill off all the “weak” ants. All in all some ants wanted to change their government and others wanted to just live peacefully within the colony.
Within this movie some characters were working for the benefit of the colony while others tried to reform the government to benefit themselves. A good example of a person that worked to benefit the colony was Zee. At first he felt alone and weak which pushed him to go to insectopia, but near the end of the movie he came back and tried to save the colony from doom. He tried to save the rest of the workers by almost sacrificing himself and tried to change the government for the well-being of the rest of the colony. Not only that, but he unknowingly started a revolution, where the workers started to overthrow their current government, which would have benefitted them all with better rights if it succeeded. An ant that tried to change the colony for selfish purposes was General Mandible. General Mandible was a very proud ant and was seeking...

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