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Antibiotics Essay

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Antibiotics have saved numerous lives since the innovation of penicillin antibiotics in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. Although, now there is a increasing anxiety that overuse of antibiotics can direct to avoidable side effects and the expansion of drugs which are mostly opposing bacteria such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).  MRSA has happened to be the most frequent organism responsible for skin, soft tissue and surgical-site infections in the United States and in different parts of the Europe. Different findings had been conducted in a study of the genetic code of MRSA samples; they have added these samples to support to the theory that the introduction of extensive ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps some physicians recommend them because they believe they don’t have much time to explain them, why it is not necessary or they are overly careful for medical practice and other legal reasons. But why would patients ask for an antibiotic, if they are feeling cold and other minor medical problem, it is not necessary to be caused by a virus. However, according to one study conducted by different researchers in United States, approximately over 142,505 patients visits yearly in united states emergency departments (ED) for drug‐related issues, bad events attributable to general antibiotics. Antibiotics were concerned at 19.3% of all emergency department visits for drug‐related problems and events, affected reactions being the most common problem faced by such patients. They are convinced that reducing avoidable antibiotic use by even a small proportion could considerably decrease the instant and straight risks of drug‐related problems and events in individual patients, Antibiotics effort to kill the bad bacteria which are breathing in human organisms and they are growing and re developing in the human body to cause illness and maximizing diseases. Antibiotics are unsuccessful on viruses. Viruses cause the frequent cold, flu, liquid nose, centre ear fluid, chest colds, sore throats, and coughing etc. If antibiotics are overused or used inaccurately there is a possibility that the bacteria will develop into a conflicting position with antibiotics and become less efficient against the horrific type of bacteria that occupy the human immune system’s defences. Once the agreed course of antibiotics has been taken and the bacteria may still stay alive, it is a sign that the bacteria is aggressively against the antibiotic dose.

It means, antibiotic is no longer efficient; therefore, the patient can contact their doctor for further help, as they still feel sick. Sometimes patients are feeling upset without taking the antibiotics, mostly patients think; they will assist the fight to kill bad bacteria. However, it is important to consider that doctor knows that the antibiotic is no longer effective to kill bad bacteria. The human immune system starts to fail and disrupting by assisting the bad bacteria to re develop more bacteria’s. Some health professionals will still recommend the antibiotic or to try a new antibiotic, as the human immune system is fighting the bad bacteria and the antibiotic is preventing with that fight. So it is recommended that to consult with a health professional before trying to get another medical prescription of antibiotics. Human immune system needs instant...

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