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Anti Globalization Essay

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Anti Globalization
Michael Albert said that globalization leads to "...a thug's economy, a heartless economy, a base and vile and largely boring economy. It is the antithesis of human fulfillment and development. It mocks equity and justice. It enshrines greed (Globalization Quotes.)" Globalization is a harmful process and it has created more havoc and negative effects than good outcomes. Furthermore, some argue that globalization will help the world deal with crises like poverty and unemployment; this however, is no true.
The International Forum on Globalization stated that globalization led to a "sharp increase in unemployment in both the North and the South as corporate activity becomes more mobile, unrestricted, opaque, and unaccountable (Globalization Quotes.)" This process does, in fact, lead to massive unemployment and high poverty levels. The ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, the inequality grew among such workers in the North. The manufactured goods from the South raise demand and wages for workers with only limited skills and education. This is different for the North. In the North, highly skilled workers get paid top wages by technology and service industries, while semi skilled workers are not as needed (In Lexus and the Olive Tree.)
Globalization has lead to the consumption of food from foreign countries instead of locally grown food. The pollution levels are increased because of the amount of fuel that is consumed to transport these products. Transportation has also put an increase on the use of nonrenewable resources, like gasoline. The toxic wastes and industrial wastes that are produced due to production are dumped in the ocean. This has killed a lot of ocean wildlife and put a lot of harmful chemicals into the sea. For example, the oil spill in 2010, of British Petroleum containers caused a lot of damage and is just one example of the harmful effects of globalization. In parts of the world, mountains are being cut to make way for highways, toxic soil is messing up the genetic makeup of many plants, and lands have been encroached upon to make way for buildings. People are facing the consequences of their own actions as globalization has a negative and huge impact on our environment (Buzzle.)
Some people believe that social and economic costs of unemployment are beneficial. They argue that the effects of unemployment are short term and the strong economies will bounce back due to globalization. In all actuality, due to globalization, countries like Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, and Brazil have endured massive amounts of unemployment and are barely bouncing back economically or they haven't.
Paul Streeten said, "international integration leads to national disintegration." That is the problem. Without regulation on corporations and the protection of citizen's rights, globalization will continue to cause massive unemployment rates and environmental pollution.

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