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Anti Colonialism In Africa Essay

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12/1/10 Anti-Colonialism Professor Nanes

When European countries went to Africa for various resources and control of land they greatly affected the natives that were there. Resentment grew in the hearts of Africans towards their imperial leaders and the only way they knew how to deal with it was with violence. When the Europeans finally left the people of Africa were free to live as they wanted but that did not mean things would get much better with their governments.

After years of being controlled by European colonists, the Africans or the “colonized” will not allow others to have power over them without a fight. According to Fanon, the colonists are in a ...view middle of the document...

Colonialism has caused the colonized ignore the fact that there are colonists among them and they continue to channel their anger towards one another. Another way the colonized forget about the colonists living in their land is through the belief in God. God is the reason that all things occur including evil things and the colonized understand that this is the way of God and they must accept the colonists. These are some of the ways colonialism has affected the colonized, but it only last for a certain amount of time. After being pushed up against the wall for a long time the colonized will eventually strike back and forget about channeling their rage in other ways.

Obasanjo has been in power of Nigeria since 1999 and has made significant changes to the economy of his country. With his plans of privatizing state owned property and making an agency to crack down on financial fraud, Obasanjo took the right steps towards the economic side of democracy. Where Obasanjo falters is when it comes to his political attempts to centralize power for himself and try to reinstate himself as the President for years to come. Obasanjo also favored one-party governments for African...

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