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Early childhood children can identify different color, language, gender, and physical. Children watch the how people are different and yet the same. They understand their native language and recognizes the differences of another language. An anti-bias curriculum help children to embrace as teachers nurture the development of each child’s ability respect issues of diversity and be fear in the classroom.
Teachers can create an Anti-bias classroom and the classroom environment should be Multicultural friendly that implement the education which have an active approach to challenge all prejudices, stereotypes or bias. In my opinion an Anti-Bias education is relevant because it reflects on ...view middle of the document...

Parents in America can establish an anti-bias curriculum by getting involved in their child’s classroom. In my class, I teach my students that they have to love and respect themselves then they will be able to love and respect others because everyone is important. I feel that this article took the right approach for teachers and parents who partner together. To help children to be positive about different culture by implementing an anti-bias curriculum.
In addition, allow their children to have an open mind concerning their racial, ethnic and cultural diversities. Parents on the parent committee and teachers should come together and educate other parents by sending home newsletter about culturally relevant content and comment. They can have community activities that expresses different cultures. An anti-bias curriculum have the potential to nurture children in defending themselves when they are approached with bias through their lives. Teachers has to create the classroom environment by providing children with honest feedback and allowing them to be heard by asking open-ended questions.
Multicultural Education is a common theme that encourages children to grasp on to the truth that no matter what race, gender, class, age, religion or ability being different is not a bad. Everyone deserves the same opportunities. In my class, I teach my students that they have to love and respect themselves then they will be able to love and respect others because everyone is important. I feel that this article took the right approach for teachers and parents who partner together. To help children to be positive about different culture by implementing an anti-bias curriculum. No, my image has not change about this article because it allow children and adults to do a self-evaluation and how they look at others.
Anti-bias curriculum should be base around activities that focus on concepts like, everyone is equal, being worthy, important, has feelings, need love capable, deserves respect are similar and different. For instance, where I work we have multicultural day. This allow the different family culture to prepare food and eat it, everyone had a great time and appreciated others cultures. This article also focuses on teachers that they can have culture day in the classroom. Inviting family members or other members of the community to read multicultural books, this gave the adults the chance to promote the students’ knowledge to respect their cultures and other culture as well.

Because of the children’s awareness of diversities their teachers has to be cultural competent to be able to facilitate this anti-bias journey concerning other children and families. The article goes on to explain how teachers may need to take a second look concerning their purpose for teaching and the educational goal for the students. As a preschool teacher, I have to be intentional, thoughtful and have the right attitude about how I present any lesson to my student. Especially...

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