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Anthropology And Film Essay

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Archaeology, Anthropology and Film
Archaeology, media and popular culture
Archaeology, anthropology and historic films
Archaeology, anthropology and contemporary films
In class film “Nanook of the North” Robert Flarity
Film as Communication
Film & media are tools of communication
It carries the purpose of transmitting information to a recipient who will take the information and synthesize it
Films differ from traditional storytelling because it is also tangible and tactical
Film & media as storytelling
Our modern understanding of film is it is a story telling device
Its primary ...view middle of the document...

Suggests archaeologists also study the “commonplace” or “banal” of any given society.
He also suggests a con to media that passive engagement means as an audience we will only grasp what we are capable or willing to grasp at any given time.
The Archaeologist in Popular Culture:
Indiana Jones, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Relic Hunter
Archaeologists as a “HERO”, adventurer, detective &
Archaeology as an exciting and adventurous career, heavily advertised
The real archaeologist
Hard work, often dirty and dusty
Methodical collection of data
Scientific in approach
Research and synthesis of data over long periods of time to create and interpretation of a place/society in only a given moment
People/Media are always fascinated by the research you are doing.
Creates a false representation of true archaeology work. 5% is true, it can be exciting, but 95% is untrue.
Sometimes Archaeologists/Anthropologists can be quick to release new discoveries before any real significant evidence is found
Perception there will be the “next big discovery.”
Media provides an outlet for archaeological information to be sent out into the world to be shared and understood by others.
People/Media is always fascinated by the research you are doing.
Often easier to get money to do research compared to other disciplines
Archaeology Film Festivals have created a forum for new ideas to be shared. With archaeologists as juries, this has become an important way to add credibility to your analysis of research in a new forum.
Science vs. Myth
The Archaeologist studies artifacts and creates conclusions based on evidence found at archaeological sites.
The archaeologist presents their conclusions
Often the story of the past...

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