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Anthony T. Rossi, Christian And Entrepreneur

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Anthony T. Rossi, Christian and Entrepreneur

A definition of a successful life is hard to come up with on your own. If you look up a successful life in a dictionary you can find the definition to be the accomplishment of one’s goals, the attainment of wealth, positions, and honors. The true definition is much more than that, there needs to be a spiritual aspect. I believe that a successful life is a fruitful life that points to Christ. In my opinion Mr. Anthony Rossi lived a very successful life, not only is he know as a great man and great business man. He is more importantly known as a great man of God.
Section 1: Character Traits
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One of the best examples of this comes with the Terrace Restaurant. Anthony Rossi soon found out that with his new restaurant he wast losing $1,000 a day. In about two to three months he had lost all of his savings. Anthony soon decided to sell his other restaurant, the Floridian, for $35,000 to shore up The Terrace. But, five months into The Terrace Mr. Rossi had only $3,000 in the bank, and had to pay $18,000 of debt by the beginning of the next year. Then one day in December he sold the Terrace for $65,000, $20,000 up front and the $10,000 a year until it was paid off.3 But this didn’t stop Anthony Rossi, the same week he sold The Terrace he started a business that packaged and shipped fruit boxes and that eventually led to Tropicana.4
One more trait that Mr. Rossi had was that he was a family man. Family was very important to him and we see that come through multiple times as we read his life story. After six months in America, Anthony had earned enough money to send some back home to his father in Sicily, since he came from a big family he knew there were many expenses. His dad appreciated it that his son would care about them that much.5 We see this again when he goes back home with the purpose of sharing the good new of Jesus with his family. He is so determined, he even says, “One day I know each one of them will discover what I have learned. I shall not give up until they do.” 6

Section 2: Mr. Rossi as a Business Man

It didn’t take Mr. Rossi long to open up his first business. In fact, we can see his entrepreneur side come out even before he came to America. After all of Anthony’s hard work on planting a vegetable garden he found that selling onions could become a profitable business. Anthony had a friend go down to the bridge with all the other farmers and sell the onions then Anthony gave his friend a percentage of the profits.7 As soon as Anthony got to America he already had a job as a mechanic, but that didn’t satisfy Mr. Rossi. He soon started a taxi business and continued to take bigger oppurtunies as they cam his way. This...

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