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Anthony Burgess Essay

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Danielle Keys
Professor Leach
24 January 2013
Anthony Burgess: Deeming Honor of Recognition
We are gifted with a great opportunity as well as having the privilege, capability and means in exposing ourselves in a plethora of artful literature. Our freedom to choose what we read, our individual experiences to relate throughout in addition to our inter-feelings, we may develop our own interpretations of a story. With any given literacy we’ll comprehend and draw our own conclusions by the way of critical thinking. As a result, everyone does not view a single story the same way or draws the same conclusions to a stories ending. It’s up to the reader to “see” how it should play out. ...view middle of the document...

Capable of turning their life around from delinquent dystopias rather a utopia and role model to their environment. These readers can appreciate an author’s potency to go against the grain of society, majority of the acceptable morals, and ones religious faith. Burgess has stretched, probed, and prodded these boundaries to release the denied truths of evil in the world. He exposed his readers to the underworld of rape, drugs, robbery and violence. These things were not talked about especially that of young boys performing such malevolent crimes. Anthony Burgess is an amazingly gifted author with several repertoires within literacy. His creative literacy had and continues to (even after his passing) progress through judgments, criticism, and society’s disapproval. His work has become brilliant among the younger generation to what I would consider him as a good candidate to give recognition and utilize examples of his work in future published literacy books. Therefore, I feel this author should be an inclusion within today’s literary canon.
When recently introduced to one of Mr. John Anthony Burgess Wilson’s novel, A Clockwork Orange, I was a little skeptical to indulge myself in his literature. Yet, this assignment offered me the opportunity to reconsider looking at the author’s milieu as well as to understand how this author somehow prevailed over extensive criticism; not just within his origin of roots but internationally. Nevertheless, it is to my surprise that I have never heard of Anthony Burgess and his works of literature up until recent.
Burgess really did not begin exhibiting himself as a writer until he was almost 40 years in age. Rather that of a musician than a novelist. However, in school he began writing short stories, poems, and composed a symphony. He then moved on to several colleges collecting varies degrees within the arts of literature, all the while writing, composing, and conducting diverse musical styles. Following extensive education, he served the British Army by teaching as a musical director as well as teaching small intramural courses. After his time served, Burgess continued on teaching. Sequentially, he taught at three different colleges in addition to teaching at a grammar school over and above putting forth the desire to write. All in all, his literary contributions include, yet not limited too; thirty-three novels both fiction and non-fiction, two autobiographies, three published essays, composer of about 200 musical pieces, poetry, playwrights, of course the mentioned teaching, a linguistic and translator, media involvement such as column journalism, radio, television and interviews. Furthermore, he became an image internationally among similar controversial state of mind. Burgess earned provenance for, yet not limited too; receiving the Charles Baudelaire Prize, the Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger, his book Earthly Powers became internationally published. He also wrote the lyrics to the Broadway musical...

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