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Ant 101 Final Paper

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The Amish Culture

ANT 101
Christina Winn
March 10, 2012

The Amish way of life
The Amish culture and way of life is very interesting and their unique beliefs make them different from any other culture today. The Amish subsistence is farm, this making the Amish horticulturalists. How does the Amish being appose to technology and being horticulturalist effect the beliefs and values, gender relations and sickness and healing in the Amish culture today?

The Amish culture was founded in Europe by Jacob Amman [~1644 to ~1720 CE], from whom their name is comes from [Mackall's, 2007, par.2]. It started as a reform group within the Mennonite movement. It was an attempt ...view middle of the document...

Mustaches are forbidden [Powell, 2010, par.6].

The Amish are opposed to any technology, because they feel as if it will weaken the family structure. Things such as electricity, automobiles, T.V.’s, tractors, Computers are considered to be evil temptations and are not accepted in most Amish communities. They feel like these temptations could lead the Amish away from their communities. It is common for Amish communities to allow the use of telephones, but not in the home. Instead, several Amish families will share a telephone in a wooden shanty between farms [Powell, 2010, par. 2]. Amish get around in horse-drawn buggies that are dark in color to avoid standing out. Even though the Amish are opposed to technology, electricity is allowed in certain situations such as electric fences for cattle. Electricity is powered through a naturally generated source such as windmills [Powell, 2010, par.2]. There is a core belief that hard work is the way to serve God in the Amish community. The use of cars or electricity would therefore have the effect of diminishing their hard work and their opportunity to serve God [Patton, 2005, par.4]. Amish do not allow photographs in the community because of strict adherence to the Bibles commandment on graven images. They also never serve in the armed forces and will turn the other cheek as the Bible commands when attacked or persecuted [Powell, 2010, par. 7].

The Amish community puts a limitation on their education. There is a high standard of basic education until eighth grade but higher education is discouraged and often familiarity with the wider world is limited. To the Amish the more important education is to farm and raise a family and through this to serve God [Patton, 2005, par.6].

There is a period in the late teens when a teenager may move away from the community and leave it if they chose. But once they are baptized, they must remain within the religion [Patton, 2005, par.8]. Baptism is also a way of showing your faithfulness to the Amish ways of living. If they decide to not get baptized the young Amish teenager are not only moving away from the community, but also leaving in most cases with little to nothing to live on and losing their friends and family in the Amish culture and force to make it on their own.

Amish people tend to do things their own way and tend to block out what is going on in society. The Amish believed that it was necessary to exclude those who did not confirm to their beliefs, even if the person concerned was a member of their own family. The religious basis for this belief was supported by Corinthians II, 6: ‘Be ye not yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with the unrighteousness. What communion hath light with darkness?’[Patton, 2005, par.2]. They live off of the land and there primary mode of subsistence is farming this making the Amish Horticulturalists [Powell, 2010, par.3]. Amish people do not use...

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