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Answers To Texas Driver's Ed Questions

1275 words - 6 pages

1. 18
2. $200
3. A reasonable restriction or an endorsement to improve the safety of your driving. Types: with corrective lenses, LOFS age 21 or older, daytime only, not to exceed 45 MPH, no expressway driving
4. Turn the steering wheel to the left, so the back of the front wheels points to the right
5. You must be responsible to renew your license
6. The broken lane marker is white
7. A red triangle with a white center and the words inside it are yield
8. A yellow diamond sign that depicts a narrowing road, you should slow down
9. A white vertical rectangle
10. Yellow diamond with curving line and arrow with two curves
11. It means shouldn’t pass another car
12. ...view middle of the document...

26. The car on the two-lane road should yield.
27. Pull over to the right and stop, if you can
28. Take your foot off the gas pedal and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid
29. Half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise
30. Causing death while driving, DUI, unlawful use of license, etc.
31. It's a colorless, deadly gas in the exhaust fumes produced by cars and can cause poisoning
32. Move the car off the pavement, turn on emergency warning lights, and tie a white cloth where visible or raise your hood
33. Shift to a lower gear
34. Leave a note with a way to contact you
35. When a law enforcement officer hasn't investigated the crash.
36. Two years.
37. Crossroad ahead. Slow down, look carefully in all directions.
38. A fluorescent orange triangle with retroflective borders
39. Use a low gear to help slow your vehicle down
40. Must be a licensed driver, and at least 21 years old. The student must have a instruction permit
41. On his next birth date after date of issuance.
42. 6 inches
43. Keep at least two seconds away
44. It must be reported to the Driver License Office within 30 days
45. Impairs judgment and reaction time
46. Mandatory suspension of license; the first offense has a maximum fine of $2000, suspension of 90-365 days, and confinement of 72 hrs to 180 days
47. You can turn either right or left depending on which way the arrow is pointing without having to stop
48. You stop and go when it is safe, like a stop sign
49. An x with railroad going on one arm and crossing on the other
50. A yellow diamond with a winding arrow pointing up
51. A yellow diamond that says lane ends merge left or merge right
52. A yellow diamond sign with an arrow pointing left or right with a smaller square sign giving the speed limit
53. A yellow diamond with a cross
54. Yellow diamond that says bump
55. Loop ###, rectangle with black writing.
56. 3 inches
57. At stop signs, red lights, crosswalks, and for school buses and emergency vehicles.
58. Stop and don’t go until it is safe
59. 15 miles per hour
60. 15 feet
61. You cannot exceed 55 miles per hour or less if is not safe to go 55
62. Daytime - 70 mph Nighttime - 65 mph
63. When pavement markings prohibit driving on other lane -When within 100 ft of/or crossing an intersection or railroad crossing -On a hill, curve, or other place with limited vision -100 ft of a bridge, viaduct, or tunnel
64. If you need to drive off the...

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