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Answers To Lessons 4&5 Essay

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1. Digitally signed P 137
2. Fragmentation P 126
3. ExFAT P111
4. Partitions, volumes P 107
5. FAT32 P 111
6. Checksum P 137
7. DiskPart P125
8. Administrators or Backup Operators P 122
9. MBR P 111
10. Widows Hardware Quality Lab P 139
10. TRUE
1. Both spanned volumes and striped volumes utilize storage space of 2 to 32 disks. The difference between the two is that spanned volumes fill up the space on one disk at a time, while striped volumes write one strip at a time to each disk in sequence. Neither method provides fault tolerance because there is no redundant data. However, striped volumes provide better performance than spanned volumes because the sequential disk reads and writes are more ...view middle of the document...

1. Firewall P 163
2. Network and Sharing Center P162
3. Router P149
4. Open Systems Interconnection(OSI) reference model, seven P 160
5. Connectionless protocols P 157
6. Ping.exe P 176
7. Nslookup.exe P 179
8. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP) P 152
9. Tracert.exe P 177
10. Application and physical P 160
1. A hardware address is a six-byte data-link layer address coded into a network interface adapter, while an IPv4 address is a 32-bit software setting supplied by a server or a network administrator.
2. On a TCP/IP network, an application issues function calls to an application layer protocol, which package the application data to be transmitted over the network and passes it down through the layers of the networking stack. At the transport layer, the TCP or UDP protocol encapsulates the application layer by adding a header containing the destination address for the packet, and passes it down to the data-link layer. At the data-link layer, Ethernet completes the encapsulation process by applying a frame containing the address of a router on the local network.
5.1 Type in the Address field and press Enter.
5.2 IP Address and Subnet Mask settings on each computer. Every computer on a TCP/IP network must have an IP address, and the submask is necessary for the computer to utilize the address properly. On an isolated, no default gateway address is needed, because the computer will not access on other networks. No preferred server address is needed either, because all of the communications are limited to the local network. For the one computer that accesses the internet ,Mark’s ISP will automatically provide a DNS sever address.

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