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Johnson & Johnson is the leading pharmaceutical company and is included as one of Fortune’s most admired companies for the past 30 years. Johnson & Johnson has a long-standing history that is committed to caring for its consumers since it started. Johnson & Johnson delivers an annual report to depict the company’s performance and growth in the past year and for the future in order to inform shareholders and potential investors. Johnson & Johnson’s annual report uses a visual/verbal strategy of a number of engaging videos to demonstrate quality of products, a verbal strategy of industry details and statistics to show competitive dominance, and visual strategy consisting of ...view middle of the document...

Johnson & Johnson uses industry details and statistics to show its competitive dominance in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, and consumer industries. In one instance, Johnson & Johnson states, “With $25.4 billion in worldwide sales in 2012.” This number demonstrates Johnson & Johnson’s exponential growth in the past year, which is pertinent information to potential investors and shareholders. Johnson & Johnson explains in the annual report, “We are the eighth-largest pharmaceuticals business in the world and the sixth-largest biotech business.” These specifics such as “eighth-largest” demonstrate how they are a dominant company in not just one area, but two. “Our medical Devices and Diagnostics business is the largest medical technology business in the world.” This shows the company’s exemplary performance in its industry. This information is of particular importance to investors, because it demonstrates Johnson & Johnson has the best medical technology compared to its competitors. Within Johnson & Johnson’s consumer business, they state “With $14.4 billion in worldwide sales in 2012, our Consumer business is the sixth largest consumer health care business in the world.” These statistics show Johnson & Johnson’s position in the world’s consumer health care industry, exemplifying that they are a worldwide leader placing sixth in the world. All of these statistics show how Johnson & Johnson dominates all three areas of operation, resulting in growth which potential investors and shareholders want to see.
Johnson & Johnson uses a visual strategy of family images to convey diversity among its consumers. The cover page of the annual report depicts three generations of satisfied consumers. This picture captivates investors’ and shareholder’s attention because the baby,...

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