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Annual Analysis

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SAGG’s letter to its shareholders states that “SAGG turns 50 this year, and, while our 2011 financial results represent a single-year's achievement, it's an achievement based on our nearly five decades in business.” To prove this and to strategically convince potential shareholders to invest, SAGG’s annual report uses positive data charts to represent its financial stability, simple wording to highlight its plans to improve, and diverse photos and videos to emphasize its success at adapting and belief in customer and employee value.
SAGG shows investors that it is progressively increasing in a simple snapshot. The total revenues chart shows a slight but steady increase in the past five ...view middle of the document...

It highlights that an investment will only become more valuable as time goes on. SAGG also uses the powerful word “perfecting” to represent its constant attempt to improve SAGG for its consumers. This represents that SAGG is always working to improve the customer’s experience and to a shareholder, this represents SAGGs belief in customer value. This is beneficial for a potential investor because customer’s with positive experiences often become loyal, ultimately increasing the investor’s share value. These positive statements leave the audience with a sense of optimism for SAGG’s future. Active words such as these immediately show that SAGG is constantly innovating to make the SAGG experience better. As a potential investor, these words enhance the confidence that SAGG’s will succeed in reaching its goals to continue to grow and perfect and this will only increase the profitability of the company and ultimately its shareholders.
SAGG implements lively and diverse videos and pictures to show just how much it has grown, where it is headed, and its belief in customer and employee value. SAGG uses photos in a creative, timeline-like way to visually show investors how it grew and adapted over time. The first timeline an investor sees represents all the major growth SAGG underwent from the first SAGG opening in 1962 to its plans for expanding into Canada in spring 2013. The audience can see simple pictures to represent how successful SAGG has been and the positive plans for future success. SAGG also uses these picture timelines to show how it adapted to changing lifestyles. As we progress through a time of changing technology, SAGG progresses right with its consumers, offering them easy access to SAGG. In 2005, SAGG launched its “Can I help you find something?” idea that...

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