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Annoyances Reflections Of Yesteryear And Today

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I suppose either my memory fails me, or as I have gotten older I get annoyed on a faster pace. Time has certainly shown how my mood has changed from long ago. These days it seems to be caused more by random people and less from my parents or friends. I don’t think that I am easily annoyed anymore today then I have been in the past. I have usually been able to keep my cool, attempt to refrain from acting out, and show little emotion. In grade school my behavior was exemplary with few complaints from my instructors. For the most part I certainly do not consider myself one of those annoying types, at least compared to those individuals whose annoying traits seemed to render their ...view middle of the document...

This caused much concern with finally my parents caving in to do anything to get me to eat. To this day my mother still takes me out for every meal when were together. Our only unofficial, unspoken rule is that it will be at a restaurant, never a fast-food establishment.For the most part I can’t stand talking on the phone with idle chitchat and try to avoid phone conversations with anyone who might want chat past my comfort zone. The repercussions of this have led to rarely receiving phone calls from distant family members and communication through text messages with my parents when they feel the need to checkup on me.Nowadays people who call and leave a message for me to call them back, “as soon as you get this message,” but leave no indication on what the phone call is about, irk me. Seriously, these are the people who I can’t stand to call back and the ones who I usually just send a text message saying what is so important that you had to tell me in person? Usually the text message response option works well with these individuals because it forces them to be concise and lose their fruity verbiage with a text reply. And it allows me to screen the message to see if a reply is even warranted.People who talk in a movie theater drive me crazy. For the most part this seems a no-brainer. But, often individuals who either don’t enjoy a movie or seem to need to talk back to screen do so verbally rather then with their internal voice. I cringe when someone yells back at the screen and don’t get me wrong I have felt compelled to beat some actress for going back into the house where her boyfriend just got killed in, but really do I need to express that emotion to all the audience when were all thinking anyways?Worse yet are all people who take phone calls during everyday life events. I almost can’t understand why anyone needs to be on the phone in the movie, grocery checkout, library, in the classroom, the list really can go on. For a[ ]long time I made excuses for my friends even my own family. I tired to justify their behavior and the behavior of many of those annoying souls in public by thinking maybe someone died, wish just this once, that some thing important happened, like a roof caved in even or even as simple as their doctor calling to let them know their Chlamydia will be cured in two to three weeks. This however is never the case, it’s always oh girl, did you see how fat she looked last night or a lengthy discussion about American Idol constants.Still there are three more issues just on the topic of mobile phones. I absolutely hate all the ring tones that have become so common place. There is no need to hear “My humps” in the middle of chemistry lab. Really, people are laughing at you, and thinking to themselves that your humps are lumpy. I keep my phone on vibrate at all times, it’s the only respectful way carry a mobile phone.Just because you have camera phone doesn’t give you the...

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