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Annotated Outline: Study Abroad and Nursing Education
I. Introduction to study abroad and nursing education
A. Definition of study abroad
i. Study abroad, service learning, international immersion programs, global health, global service learning– McKinnon & McNelis (2013)
ii. Three types of learning defined
1. Global, international, and intercultural – Riner (2011)
B. Relationship of study abroad to nursing education
i. Increased global awareness, cultural sensitivity and competence, and dispelling of preconceived ideals – Edmonds (2012)
ii. NLN recommendations, increased diversity of nursing in workforce/training - Dewald (2012)
iii. American Association of Colleges of Nursing ...view middle of the document...

Perceived benefits – Edmonds (2012), Egenes (2012), Johns & Thompson (2010), Kelleher (2013), Larsen, Ott, & Miles (2010), Levine (2009), Read (2011), Riner (2011), Smith-Miller (2010), Smith & Curry (2011)
F. Patient safety – Kelleher ( 2013), Smith-Miller (2010)
III. Obstacles
A. Price for student- McKinnon & McNeils (2013)
B. Properly trained faculty- McKinnon & McNeils (2013)
C. Student interest- McKinnon & McNeils (2013)
D. Language barriers – Kostovich & Bermele (2011), Larsen, Ott, & Miles (2010), McKinnon & McNeils (2013)
E. Fear of unknown/culture shock – Egenes ( 2012), McKinnon & McNeils (2013), Smith-Miller (2010)
F. Lack of programs - McKinnon & McNeils (2013)
G. Time constraints- Edmonds (2012), McKinnon & McNeils (2013), Read (2011)
i. Time away from family and work obligations
ii. Length of program
1. Short stay (30 days)
IV. Recommendations for implementation of study abroad program –Amerson (2010), Edmonds (2012), Kostovich & Bermele (2011), McKinnon & McNeils (2013), Read (2011), Riner (2011), Smith & Curry (2011)
A. Planning
B. Implementation
C. Evaluation
V. Gaps in research
A. Determination of true educational benefits – Edmonds (2012)
B. Little information regarding Baccalaureate nursing curriculums and benefits of study abroad programs – Read (2011)
C. Lack of documentation pertaining to long-term benefits – Amerson (2012), Egenes (2012), Johns & Thompson (2010), Kelleher (2013), Kostovich & Bermele (2011), Levine (2009), Larsen & Reif (2011), Smith & Curry (2011)
D. Evidence based practice – Riner...

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