Anne Sullivan: The Miracle Worker, Deals With Anne Sullivan's Life (From Birth To Death), Her Family And Friends And Her Achievements, Also Talks About Helen Keller And Their Companionship

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Annie Sullivan: The Miracle WorkerIf mentioned alone, the name Annie Sullivan might not bring about any knowledge of the individual. It is then when the infamous Helen Keller is referred to that people are able to place Sullivan in history. Annie Sullivan's life story is ultimate proof of how someone can start in the worst of situations and end up completely fulfilled. Sullivan began her life with little family and ended her life blessed with an abundance of meaningful relationships, most noteworthy being her lifelong companionship with Helen Keller.When a little girl named Helen Keller was diagnosed as blind and deaf after suffering from meningitis, her family was desperate for help. Many ...view middle of the document...

No distant family was willing to take in either of the two disfunctional children, so they were forced to be sent to an institution. She lived at Tewksbury with her brother until he died of tuberculosis just two months after entering the institution. It was Frank B. Sanborn of the State Board of Charities who eventually saved Sullivan from the deadly conditions of Tewksbury Almhouse. (Waite, p. 17, 1959) Thanks to Sanborn, Sullivan was moved to the Perkins Institute at the age of fourteen after spending four years at the Tewksbury Almhouse, one of the worst institutions in the country at the time. At Perkins, she evolved from an illiterate blind child to a bright, courageous, seeing young woman thanks in part to her miraculously improved sight by numerous operations in 1881.Originally, it was incredibly difficult to reach Helen. Her family was used to her tantrums and would bribe her in order to calm her down. Sullivan's methods seemed unorthodox to the Keller family, and it took a great length of time for them to accept her teaching style. Also, Helen became blind at such a young age that Sullivan had to create an entire universe in young Helen's mind. There were little of no previous images or words for the child to base her learning on. Anne Sullivan was able to figure out how to communicate with Helen by pressing manual alphabet signs into her palms. In due time, she would also help Helen Keller learn to speak by letting her feel the vibrations in her throat and the movements of her mouth. (Keller, p. 63, 1961) Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan quickly became world renowned for their achievements. Keller achieved a normal life through the constant help and companionship of Sullivan. Helen Keller would eventually graduate Cum Laude from Ratcliffe College by Sullivan sitting through each lecture and press the manual alphabet signs onto her palm.Sullivan married John Albert Macy in 1905. He was a literary critic and helped Helen Keller write her autobiography. The marriage was not successful, however, and the couple separated permanently in 1913.Anne Sullivan...

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