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Anne Hutchinson Essay

1290 words - 6 pages

Lauren Johns
English 2111-300
C. Warren

Anne Hutchinson

In early years when the United Sates when it came to be women were viewed in a different light that women are viewed now in the year 2012. A woman that always stood out to me every time I studied her is Anne Hutchinson. Anne was a woman that came to America with her family with the Puritan beliefs. During her time of listen to the Church of the Puritan community she did not completely agree with everything that the Church was saying so she took it upon herself to speak out on the church. The Puritan Church did not like this at all so the put Anne on Trail for her doings. Anne was a strong minded woman and the ...view middle of the document...

Women were not able to do much of anything in the Colony besides raise their children cook and make sure the house hold was always clean. Anne was in the mindset that her coming to America she would be able to discuss her faith to others. Anne was a strong believer that one needed to admitted in Heaven was faith. The simple view of the path of salvation did not leave room for the church to govern its God fearing flock and was not accepted. She started to tell others that God gave her the power of clairvoyance in other words a supernatural power. Before Anne and her family even arrived to the Colony she knew from her power that god gave her that it was a mistake. Cotton grew curious in Anne and her families being in the colonies congregation. In order for Anne and her family to be able to be in the congregation Anne had to tell Cotton that she was wrong and guilty for her own personal thinking’s even though she did not believe it at all. In the Puritan world freedom to worship meant you did not think or do unless you were acting in accordance of the Bible. The only true freedom was really to worship but not to think. Anne being a woman her biggest sin was being able to think for herself.
Anne tried to stay quiet most of her days but that was not good enough. More and more women started to listen to Anne especially after she started her woman’s club. She held the meetings in her home to talk about the scripture pray and talk about the sermons that were given. She made sure she would voice her opinion which had men and women of the community interested. The numbers of people that wanted to listen to her speak grew each week even magistrates and scholars came to listen to what she had to say. The people were shocked that she had both men and women that were coming to listen he what she had to say even though it was a woman’s group. Winthrop began to worry because Anne was now becoming a religious leader to many different people and this was wrong in many ways. The Governor began to think that she was a threat to the authority of the power of the man because women had no rights. He also thought that a woman expressing her views on the church was not at all an idealistic way of the Puritan way of life in his colony. For Women the freedom to think was also the freedom to sin and was not accepted in the religious community. Women wouldn’t even dare and write down their own thoughts in private...

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