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Anne Boleyn And The Divorce Essay

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How did Anne Boleyn contribute to King Henry VIII divorce?
* She knew what she wanted and knew what she needed to do
* After her marriage to the heir of Ormonde fell through, she began an affair with Henry Percy, also a rich heir. Cardinal Wolsey put a stop to the romance. This is why Anne hated the Cardinal so much and could be why when he could not give her and Henry what they wanted; she supported Henry in the decision to dismiss him.
* Anne also knew that if she was able to cut off connections from the Vatican she would be more likely to be Queen because Henry would be able to get a divorce so therefore she encouraged Henry to break from the Vatican and the Catholic Church.
* She was very persuasive
* Anne suggested that Henry leaves all ...view middle of the document...

* Anne liked Thomas Cranmer because he did what she wanted. He went to Germany to learn more about Lutheranism, he supported the translation of the bible into English and once Archbishop of Canterbury he declared Catherine and Henry’s marriage void and then married Anne and Henry.
* The right situation at the right time
* She knew that Catherine of Aragon was not giving Henry anymore children, and certainly no more male heirs meaning that she could convince Henry she was better because she was younger and more fertile than Catherine.
* She blamed Catherine for no male heirs rather than Henry and made him believe that because Catherine was not a virgin when she married Henry, therefore it was a punishment from God so the King would be childless.
* Stubbornness
* She refused to be a mistress like her sister because she wanted to stand out. Henry sent her many love letters but only one love letter is ever found from Anne to Henry.
* She refused to be anything less than Henry’s wife, and Queen.
* Sources B and D (Pg 84-85)
* ‘If a man shall take his brother’s wife it is an impurity; he hath uncovered his brother’s nakedness; they shall be childless.’ - Henry had done this and they were childless because they were without a male heir. He used this to say the pope was wrong and that they should have never been married.
* Source D is Anne’s only love letter. In the letter she is saying that she knows about all his other mistresses, because of her sister, but she is asking why he must do this when he has her who is willing to give everything to him. She says how she loves all her presents but he gives there to his mistresses as well as her. She is also asking how things will change if they became King and Queen, would he still have mistresses or would she be his only girl?

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