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Animals Essay

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The common name of the animal I did my report on is the Elephant. The scientific name is Elephantidae. I chose to do my report on this animal because the elephant is my favorite animal at the Zoo. I found information about this animal on the internet. The animal is best known for its long trunk. The most unique feature about this animal is that it is the largest mammal on the earth. The Elephant is a mammal. A female elephant is called a Cow. A male elephant is called a Bull. A group is called a herd. In my report, you will learn about the animal’s ...view middle of the document...

The elephant is an herbivore. This means that the animal eats plants only and cannot digest meat. The Elephant eats grass, roots, fruit and bark. They use their tusk to pull the bark from the tree. It eats about 300 pounds of food every day. The animal is both nocturnal and diurnal because they must eat for more than 14 hours a day.
Elephants take good care of their babies. Elephants have live births. They have one baby at a time. The baby will gain 2 to 3 pounds every day until its first birthday. The baby is taken care of by the female elephant. The male calves will wonder off while the female calves will stay with their mother.
The elephant is so big that size alone protects the animal. It does not use camouflage in the wild. The elephant has no predators but humans, the calves are sometimes vulnerable to lions and crocodiles. The population of the elephant is 470,000. The life span of the elephant is 30-50 years.
The elephant has many special features that make it unique. It is known best for its large ears. The animal gets place to place walking. It communicates by extending their trunk. Here are some other special features that the animal has; 26 teeth including the tusk, 12 premolars and 12 molars. The trunk has more than 100,000 muscles, large ears, the skin appearance is wrinkled.

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