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Animal Testing: A World Of Cruelty

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Every year, millions of animals suffer and die in painful tests to determine the safety of cosmetics. products such as eye shadow and soap and many other household chemicals are tested on rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, dogs, and other animals, despite the fact that the test results don’t help prevent or treat human illness or injury, its illegal, and there are many other alternatives.
Have you ever really put thought into what you buy? Probably not. Most of the time people buy items thinking that they’re safe, or not thinking about the lives that were ruined while making that product. Sure, why would companies be allowed to sell objects that might be harmful you might ask. Well, for one they put some of the side effects in tiny font on the ...view middle of the document...

But, could you believe the next leading animals are guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, farm animals and monkeys? It’s crazy that animals that many use as household pets are also the victims of cruel experiments. In the state of Illinois it is illegal to neglect animals, be cruel to them, and torture them. Animal torture has a fine of up to $ 25,000, serving jail time of two to five years and one-year probation. I don’t know about you, but I consider burning animals, keeping them in cramped cages, and overall just making their lives horrible, torture. So why is it that big time companies aren’t paying for their crimes?
Overall animal testing is as cruel as it is needless. For the companies that still do the majority of their tests on animals, they’re just being cheap. There are many other alternatives in testing. Just to name a few, for the non-toxic tests we could use actual human volunteers instead of using unwilling animals. However, for the actual toxic experiments we could use the new tools, which include synthetic skin, (called Corrositex) cell culture, or computer simulation. Another reason why its needless? If the testers would document the results of their tests, we would cut the number of animals dying each year down. Half the time the testers are repeating tests that have been done before. Therefore, there just being lazy.
In conclusion, animal testing is cruel, illegal, needless and dumb. Anyone who’s buying anything from people like Covergirl, Dove, Maybelline or Neutrogena could be buying from cruelty free companies and putting and end to this massacre. You're making a desicion when you buy goods. What kind of message does it send to everyone when you buy cruel products?

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