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Animal Suffering Essay

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Today, as I’m here writing to you, there are millions of animals suffering around the world, suffering due to experiments being experimented on them, animal dissection, animal abuse and killing them for no particular reason except for our selfish obsession with animal products such as meat and clothing made from their body parts, which is I think extremely disgusting, because how can you wear someone’s flesh on your flesh? That’s just gross, and you can’t kill for such dim-witted behaviour.
First of all, I wish to tackle the subject of animal dissection. Take the example of frogs. Why are we dissecting poor little frogs? If you just sit and think about it, like really think ‘we dissect ...view middle of the document...

Rabbits, dogs, mice, cats, sheep, hens, you name it. Everyone is suffering. And you know what the worst part is? It’s perfectly legal to torture these animals.
Next thing I want to speak on is animal abuse. We all see them, those dogs on the streets whose ribcage, shoulder bones and many other bones are showing through. So many battle scars on the their body, which are mostly due to humans and other dogs. Those cats with their fur missing from so many parts of their body. Even though these animals are so deep down in the pool of depression and suffering, they still get happy if you just call them once, pet them and give them even one slice of bread. It may not be a big thing for you, but it may just mean the world for that one animal. Even if you leave some water in an old utensil or something like that, it may just save one thirsty animal’s life.
Then there are those horse drawn little buggy’s, which you can find at so many places. Those horses are never given enough to eat. They are pushed beyond their limits of working. They are beaten, might even be having some illness, which the owner won’t ever care about. They are, in short, tormented. There are so many accidents happening where a car will collide with the horse, and the car owner will just not care and drive off, but the horse will either be badly injured or maybe, he or she might get lucky and die. If the horse is badly injured, it will either still be made to...

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