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Angles In America Essay

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Jonathan Arelt
THE 200
Angles in America is an extraordinary play and movie, performed in 1993(Angles(2)) made in 2003 (Angles). Tony Kushner, who is the playwright, did a fantastic job on piecing it all together and making it such a well-known play in the theater sprectrum. The main idea of Kushner’s play was to show the struggles of being gay in America. People were learning more and more of AIDS and HIV and just how severe it is.
The year is 1986 and it is cold October weather in New York. Louis Ironson and Prior Walter are lovers and Joe Pitt, a clerk in the U.S. Court of Appeals, and Harper Pitt are married. Roy Cohn is a well-connected lawyer that is good friends with ...view middle of the document...

It portrayed what a life of a gay man could be like and what life could be like for a dying man.
As I watched the movie, I could not help but wonder what might happen. The whole movie was interesting and intriguing but it kept me wondering if some sort of scene might occur that I wish not watch. There were plenty of scenes in the movie that made look away or close my eyes. The morals that the characters had were not morals that I would like to have much less pride myself in having them.
Joe was a Mormon man, a man that thought that thinking or talking bad about someone or something might cause him not to be allowed into heaven. He had strong morals that he did not wish to break. Roy, being a good friend of Joe, wanted his help. Roy, who was a powerful attorney, was in jeopardy of being disbarred and losing his job. Roy thought that he might be able to persuade Joe to take a job in D.C. and keep himself from getting disbarred.
I think that when Louis kissed Joe in the beginning of the movie when they ran into each other, it caused Joe to start to think more and more about men in a way a guy should not be thinking. When Roy asked Joe to take the job to keep himself from getting disbarred, Joe felt a commitment to Roy but not so much that he would have to wizzle his way into the court system and, in a word, “fix” it so that Roy does not get disbarred. Roy was going to be disbarred for disorderly conduct in the court room and using his clients’ funds for his own pleasure gain (Roy) and Joe refused to be part of it; he wanted no part in it.
When Roy’s doctor, Henry, found out that he was having intercourse with other males, he was hesitant because he knew that Roy was trying to keep his secret under the rug. Roy threatened to ruin Henry’s practice if he was to tell anyone anything, and Roy had the power to do so. So, Roy disguised that he had AIDS by covering it up with the story that he is dying from liver cancer. Roy does not want the public to know that he is gay in fear that he will lose his job and get a bad reputation.
Being a Mormon means that you are to have zero interest in having an intimate relationship with the same gender. So when Joe realizes that his, deep down inside, likes men, he covers it up and tries his hardest to keep it locked up. But when he meets Louis, it causes Joe to think more and more about that his feeling for men. When harper brings it up, it makes things that much more confusing and hard for him because now his wife thinks that he is Gay. Joe really tried his hardest to get rid of his feelings for men. He married Harper in hopes that it would go away but it never did.
For me, I think everyone that thinks being gay is okay or thinks that people that are gay should have has the same rights as everyone else, I think that those people need to be slapped in the head with a frying pan. I am...

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