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Angels And Demons Essay

570 words - 3 pages

Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Hoshi o Ou Kodomo)
Sentai Filmworks
Written by: Makoto Shinkai

Date of Release: May 7, 2011
DVD Release: November 2012

Actors’ Names:
Hisako Kanemo – Asuna Watase
Miyu Irino – Shun
Kazuhiko Inoue – Ryuji Morisaki
Sumi Shimamoto – Lisa Morisaki
Junko Takeuchi - Mimi

Brief Summary:
Asuna is a middle school student. Her father passed away while she was still young, and her mother works long as a nurse. Despite being an excellent student and proficient at household tasks, she is able to find time to visit her secret hiding spot at the top of a hill, and uses a unique crystal her father left behind to listen to radio stations. She encounters a strange melody which remains with her, close to her heart.
Her life changes when she encounters a bear-like ...view middle of the document...

She visits him later that day and comes to learn of his intentions, eventually agreeing to accompany him on his journey to Agartha.

Well this movie obviously reflects the other belief of another world, god, and mythical creatures, which proves that this is really related to what we are studying especially in the story of Illiad and Oddysey. In comparison the presence of gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, prophets and heroes are bought seen in Homer’s Illiad and Oddysey and in this movie.

I’ve spent almost two (2) hours or 116 minutes to be précised in watching this awful movie.

Maybe we can use it for this movie for me has the sub-them still-life…, deals about grief, lost, loneliness, major emotional intensity which young people frequently experiencing but do not know how to dominate or overcome it without recoil or complications. If we will tackle about this, I think it would be beneficial for everyone.

I love the whole movie. Maybe, if there is some part I may not wanted it the way it is, it maybe the plot, for Shinkai revealed in the ending part of the story the plot by Asuna’s self-questioning about his adventures and eventually finds out that the reason of all her adventures in Agartha is just because of his feelings of longing.

The part of the movie that for me, was done very well, is solving Morisaki’s conflict within the story, the realization of the bitter and harsh truth. Dead cannot be risen anymore. The same reason as Asuna, Morisaki’s reason for all of his adventures in Agartha was his feeling of longing, longing for his wife.

The movie was so harsh and maybe it can be improved by removing all the frustrating and unresolved situations.

Belief of God (Kame-sama), war, hero, mythical creatures (Quetzel Coal)… this ideasm, concepts or themes are the reason why it can be compared to the lessons we have discussed.

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