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Anesthesiologist Essay

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An Anesthesiologist is the physician who cares for a patient before, during, and after surgery. They are responsible for providing the right amount of anesthesia needed for a person to stay asleep during their operation. They are also required to test a patient’s reaction to the anesthesia. Different people require different amounts of anesthesia, and may have a bad reaction to the type they are given. They are given the opportunity to actually get to know the patient and have a connection with them unlike some of the physicians on their case.
The degree required to become an Anesthesiologist is a Doctoral or Professional degree. The job outlook from 2012-2022 is currently ...view middle of the document...

They will often be on call. Meaning that if they are needed, they will have to drop everything and come into work. The work environment is fast paced. An Anesthesiologist will be surrounded by sickness and lots of people. They are usually on their feet for most of their shift. If they are in a private practice, the environment will be steady and slow with not too many urgent patients.
I interviewed Dr. Bryan Max. He is an Anesthesiologist at Wake Med Hospital of Raleigh. When asked “Why did you choose this career?” he said, “I had a mentor in school that I liked a lot. He helped me realize that I had a gift in Anesthesia.” I then asked him “What do you like the most about this career? The least?” He said, “I like being able to relieve the pain of patients during surgery. I also like being able to get to know patients and comfort them before surgery. I do not like the business aspect of my job.” Next I asked, “What is the potential for advancement in this career?” He said, “The room for advancement is a huge one. There are many opportunities for you to learn. The more experience you have, the easier it might be to find an executive position or take out your own practice.” Finally, I asked him, “What advice would you give someone just starting out in this career?” His response was, “My advice is to keep working. Hard work truly does pay off in the end. You might not spend a lot of time outside of the hospital,...

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