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Android Vs. Ios Essay

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October 25, 2014
Android or iOS, Which Will You Pick?
You check your phone bill online and notice you are eligible for an upgrade. Good timing too, the Nokia 3310 that you have been using since 2000 was on its last leg. So you go and look at the new phones that are out and there are so many to choose from. But you want the best of the best, brand new phone, so you do some research. What you find is that Android and Apple are the big names in the game. You end up picking an Android phone, I will tell you why.
Apple has been building computers since 1976, but they decided to try their hand at smartphones in 2007, releasing the iPhone. Microsoft, Palm, and Blackberry already had ...view middle of the document...

(The History of Android)
A lot of changed since both operating systems were released years ago. Android made their operating system open source, so any smartphone maker can put Android on their phones. Because of this, there are currently over 18,000 devices that come with an Android operating system. Apple keeps its operating system all to itself, so only 10 smartphones currently have a version of iOS on it. It may be because of those numbers, but Android controls the smartphone market with 81% of all smartphones are running some version of Android and 12% of smartphones are running iOS.
The functionality of both operating systems has some similarities. Both can make phone calls, send texts or emails, take pictures, and change the wallpaper. This is where Android leaves iOS behind. The very first version of Android came with widgets, iOS still does not offer widgets. On Android, you have a home screen. You can put your favorite apps there, have a widget or two, and just customize it to fit you. You also have an app drawer to store all of your apps. With iOS, your app drawer is your home screen, but you can change the wallpaper, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice. iPhone likes to keep the phone simple and easy to use. Android can take some time to get used to. Android puts common toggle switches in the notification center, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, screen rotation, and sound. On some versions, you can add more or take some out.
Both operating systems have an app store or market, where you can buy and download apps, music, movies, and books. Apple thoroughly checks all apps that are submitted to the app store, to ensure the apps uphold a certain level of quality and uniqueness. It keeps a lot of bad quality out of the app store. Android is not so strict about quality and uniqueness, so many apps on the Android market are complete trash. Both operating systems have well over one million apps.
Apple has its own cloud storage, to store all of your photos and videos. The security of the cloud storage was not so secure, and hackers were able to gain entrance to a few people’s accounts. They were able to do so, because there was no account lockout after getting the password wrong after a set number of tries. So the hackers used software to guess the password until it got the password right, normally called brute force. Well, the few people that were hacked, happened to be celebrities, and pictures that were not meant to be seen by the public eye, were seen by the public eye. Apple has since corrected the problem. Android, on the other hand, uses Google Drive. Google has security features in place to...

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