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Andrew Lloyd Webber Essay

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Andrew Lloyd Webber, properly styled and widely known as The Lord Lloyd-Webber, has a biography that reads as a reincarnation of historic music geniuses. He has created some of the greatest and most recognizable musicals of all time. The complexity and the appeal of his music and writing have earned him many awards including Tonys, Grammys, Academy Awards, and even a Kennedy Center Honors Award. His recognition even extends to knighthood, becoming one of the Queen’s life peers and earning him a seat as a Conservative member of the House of Lords.
Lloyd Webber was born in London on March 22, 1948, to William Lloyd Webber and Jean Johnstone Lloyd. His father was the director of the London ...view middle of the document...

Lloyd Webber and Rice began working on their first musical, The Likes of Us, by the end of 1965. The musical never reached the stage until 2005, but it did allow them to market. The pair was soon commissioned by Alan Doggett, the head of preparatory school in West London, to write a religious concert. Over the next few months, they crafted a 20-minute version of what would soon become Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This show is a retelling of the biblical story of Joseph, which debuted on March 1, 1968, and was an instant success. With each performance, the show would grow under Lloyd Webber and Rice’s direction, ending up with a two-hour run time. The success of the show led to a record with Decca for an album that was cut January of 1969. Their next project of the same year also followed the biblical theme, this was Jesus Christ Superstar. Within Superstar the pair wielded both pop music and classical operatic form, and the two began their tradition of recording an album’s worth of music first and then producing the play from it as well.

In 1974, with their next project, Jeeves, Rice lost interest and dropped out. Lloyd Webber had playwright Alan Ayckbourn to fill in, but the musical never saw great success. It wasn’t long after that Rice and Lloyd Webber reunited to create Evita as another concept album. The song “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” was a remarkable hit, skyrocketing the popularity of the musical. It hit London in 1978 and moved to Broadway just the following...

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