And The Winner Is Essay

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Korilynn Grady
Mrs. Fiester
Composition 1
5 April 2010
“And the winner is…”
In a world where the only accepted outcome is winning, how can anyone expect to develop an appreciation for the journey of learning? In our culture, we can forget that winning is not always everything and you actually learn more from your mistakes than your successes. Winning and losing are essential themes in the film Little Miss Sunshine. Although there are many changes in the characters throughout the film, Richard, Olive, and Frank’s idea of winning and losing transforms drastically.
Richard Hoover based his entire life on The Nine Step Program for Successwhich ironically accomplished anything but success. Richard forced the idea that winning was the only thing that mattered onto his family and everyone close to him. He got so caught up in not becoming a loser that he actually ...view middle of the document...

The very first scene of the movie shows Olive watching Miss America being crowned. She continuously rewinds the tape to watch it over again and imaginesherself as that beauty queen winning the pageant. As soon as you begin watching the film, you are aware that Olive’s biggest dream is to win a beauty pageant. Throughout the entire film she practices every chance she gets with the help of her grandfather. By the time the Hoover family arrives in California, they have overcome many obstacles to help Olive fulfill her dream of participating in the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant. Not only do they have to push their beat-up VW bus just to start it, but they are also travelling with the corpse of their grandfather in the trunk. Even though Olive does not leave the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant with a crown, she still feels like a winner inside. Her family joined her and came together to accept her for who she truly was.
Uncle Frank had given up on himself and his life. He lost every important aspect of his life to one man. Larry Sugarmannot only stole his one and only love, but was also given the Genius Award. Throughout the film, Frank comes to realize that he has not lost everything; he still belongs to a family. At a scene on Redondo Beach, Frank gives Dwayne a very important piece of advice. Frank explains that the most important years of his life and the only years he can look back and say he learned anything were the years he spent suffering.
There is a dramatic difference in the way the Hoover family left for Redondo Beach from the way they came home. The many obstacles this family faced brought them closer. They had to learn how to work together and how to support each other. Although there are many changes in the all of the characters throughout the film, Richard, Olive, and Frank’s idea of winning and losing transforms drastically. The Hoover family is no longer “refusing to lose” and has accepted each other for who they really are. The many losses and the suffering they experienced in their journey is what made the Hoover’s a family once again.

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