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And But Of The Way Essay

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Majestic Travel Corporation a travel an agency that makes travel arrangements for tourists or other travelers. It offers services such as Outbound Travel (Passport Documentation and Assistance, International Airline and Hotel Reservation, Airline Ticketing and Recommendation, Tour and Travel Itinerary Planning, Visa Assistance and Consultation, Pilgrimage Package Tours, and Seminar and Conference Packages) and Inbound Domestic Tours (Regular Seat-In-Coach Local Tour Packages, Airline Ticketing and Recommendation, Metro Manila and Provincial Hotel Reservation, Seminar and Conference Packages, Tour Itinerary Planning, Visa Assistance and Consultation, and ...view middle of the document...

Offering a service involves identifying the features and benefits that the company will offer. Majestic Travel identifies new features that should be added to their products/services through telemarketing. They ask for feedback from their clients for them to be able to know whether their customers are satisfied with their services or not.


Majestic Travel Corporation is an established brand because it is the official travel agent of Traders Hotel Manila. The name Majestic Travel was the perfect choice because it is very suggestive of the product/service being offered by the company. The brand name suggests royal treatment. This represents what kind of service the company offers and how they provide that service to their clients. Majestic Travel Corporation came up with its own logo—the name of the travel agency with a crown on top. Through the 17 years of Majestic Travel’s operation, the company has earned brand recognition from their target segment. This means that customers insist that the services that the company offers really caters to their needs and wants, and they are willing to search for it. The brand insistence of Majestic Travel was gained with the help of good promotion and brand equity from Traders Hotel.

Majestic Travel’s packaging is evident of their product’s packaging benefits. The logo of Majestic Travel printed on the envelope serve as a reminder of the product’s presentation. Their packaging also protects all documents needed for travel. The company also uses an official company letterhead for international reservation and domestic ticketing—it is inclusive of tour itinerary, etc.

SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis is a method used in marketing planning that pinpoints the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
• Strengths
Through the years, Majestic Travel has been successful in catering to the needs of people who would want to travel to different places alone, or with their family and friends. The place where their office is located is also accessible to their clients and their soon-to-be clients. Majestic Travel also provides travel itinerary options to their customers. The prices of their international and local packages are reasonable.
• Weaknesses
Office expenses (salaries, electricity, equipments) have been increasing. Logistics costs (transportation and communication) have been increasing, too. The limited purchasing power of consumers will put less preference on non-basic items like traveling.
• Opportunities
Majestic Travel is the official travel agent of Traders Hotel, Manila. It is easily accessible for the guests of Traders Hotel to inquire about the different packages that the company offers. Another opportunity is that tourism is also increasing. There are a lot of people who would want to visit different places and destinations for pleasure, recreational, leisure, and business purposes.
• Threats
Nowadays, there are a number...

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