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Ancient Rome Paper

1478 words - 6 pages

Long essay
How Christianity affected the empire
* Think in term of centuries
* Constantine
Germans, army, borders
* German influence lead to the end of the empire
* Battle of Adrianople Germans beat romans
* Start taking parts of Rome
* Bad emperors in west
* Bad economy lets Germans in
Short essay
The splitting of the empire
* Why do they split
* Why does the west fall
* How are they different in culture, language
* West has bad emperors
* East pays people no to invade
Emergence of absolute autocracy
* Augustus
* Power of the emperor
Who is the most important person in second triumvirate
* Augustus
* ...view middle of the document...

* Caesar's Great Nephew
* Adopted the name C. Julius Caesar Octavianus
Battle of Mutina, April 43 BCE
* Octavian, with propraetorian rank
Octavian marched on Rome (August 43 BCE)
* Made Consul
* Adoption ratified
* Outlawed the assassins
* Revoked the outlaw status of Anotony and Lepidus
2nd Triumvirate, Nov. 43 BCE
* Antony, Octavian, Lepidus
* Passed as law in the Tribal Assembly
* "three men for rewriting the constitution"
* 5 year term
* Proscriptions
C. Julius Divi Filius Caesar Octavianus (he was declared a god)
42 BCE
Division of Territory, 40 BCE
* Antony took east
* Octavian too Gaul, Spain, Sardinia
* Lepidus given Africa
* Sextus Pompey given Sicily in 39
Later Events
* Treaty of Brundisium, 40 BCE
* Octavian married a relative of Sex. Pompey in 39
* Bore a daughter, Julia
* Married Livia in Jan 38
* Triumvirate renewed for 5 years in 37
* Octavian and Lepidus attacked Sextus Pompey in 36
* Denarius, c. 32 BC Venus (obv) and Octavian (rev)
Battle of Actium in 31 BC
Dnarius: Egypt captured
Quinarius: Asia Captured
Octavian's Position
* Consul every year from 31 - 23 BCE
* Very popular with the people
* Princeps Senatus = "First Man of the Senate"
* Principate
* Made the army a standing army
First Constitutional Settlement 27 BCE
* Proconsular Imperium
* 20 out of 26 legions
* Had most of the army under his control
* Was given the name "Augustus"
"I transferred the government form my power back to the Senate and the Roman people" - Res Gestae
23 BCE
* Illness of Augustus (plague in Rome)
* Second Constitutional Settlement gave Augustus
* Greater Proconsular Imperium
* Tribunician Power for Life
* Death of Marcellus
* Pro-marriage laws and Anti-Adultery Laws
* Saecular...

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