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Aristotle said, “Man by nature desires to know.” The great philosophers like, Plato and Socrates, provided us the foundation to gain necessary information in an organized manner. Socrates himself established what is known as the “Socratic method” which is form of question and answers and discussion, similar to forum or debate. In the “Socratic Method” individuals sit between themselves and ask and answer questions; this done to stimulate critical thinking and to bring about more ideas as they develop.
The Socratic Method is considered a more positive method of question elimination to an answer; where questions are eliminated by process of elimination. Each time an answer doesn’t seem to ...view middle of the document...

Philosophical treatments of education date at least as far back as Socrates, but the field of inquiry only began to be recognized as a formal subdiscipline in the nineteenth century.
Plato’s idea of education was grounded in his vision in his classical essay Republic; which describes an individual should consider being a servant to holy and righteous society. Plato was for the idea of removing children from their mothers and raising them as if they were orphans; with emphasis on selecting a few children from different classes or rather socio economic statuses. The children from the highest socio economical statuses would receive the most education and then they would perform as guardians of the city and take of the less fortunate. Plato’s idea of education would be considered holistic which would include facts, skills, physical education and music and art, which Plato himself highly favored.
Plato also was of the belief that artistic ability was possible of children of any social class; he desired that the artistic children would be trained so that they would be members of the ruling class. And with doing this what is established is particularly a system of selective

public schools with the premise based upon the assumption that an education minority of the population are, by virtue of their education and are adequate enough to rule successfully.
A liberal education is defined as an education where the emphasis is primarily on the liberal arts. A liberal arts education emphasizes the development of the intellectual abilities as oppose to the acquisition of professional skills. When students decide to pursue a liberal arts education; some of the classes that they take may not directly correlate to their chosen major. For instance, a biology major student takes a Shakespeare class or an Early American Literature class as part as a requirement in order to complete the educational requirements of their Bachelor’s degree. The primary concept for a student who is considering pursuing a liberal arts education is so that the student is viewed as being “well-rounded” kind of student. Historically, liberal arts studies consisted of both trivium and quadrivium subjects. The trivium liberal arts studies included grammar, logic and rhetoric. The quadrivium liberal arts studies included music, astronomy, arithmetic and geometry.
Aristotle’s idea of education placed emphasis on human nature, habit and reason to be equally important forces to be cultivated in education. He considered repetition to be a key tool to the development of good habits. In Aristotle’s view of education the teacher is supposed to lead the student systemically; this differs, for example from Socrates’ emphasis on questioning his listeners to bring out their own ideas.
Unfortunately, with the

global economy in turmoil and the job market being weak as it; there is much more pressure for students desiring to have a successful career after graduation. So...

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