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Ancient Greece Sports Essay

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Importance to the civilization.

Sports were important to the ancient Greeks because there were many ways they used sports to help them. Physical fitness was important in ancient Greece too. Sports gave something for everybody to do. Men trained and trained which helped them become fit to compete. Men went out to public gyms, for fun or for training. Some children trained as early as the age of 7! Most women took care of the house, but some women were able to go to gyms and train like men. The training of sports for women was also the same purpose of training men. Some of the prizes for winning events were fame, drachmas (money), statues or paintings of themselves. So some athletes became ...view middle of the document...

When the games were on, food sellers would go and sell food to the people that were just awakening. They took the games so seriously, that some of them left their families just to go see a game. They cheered on their favorite athletes. Like they do at modern day arenas, stadiums, etc., they made statues of famous people. Another way sports changed the culture was the way that they ate. Not only athletes, but peasants tried to eat healthy so they could have good bodies. The peasant thought if they could become an athlete, they would eventually become a soldier, and I it would be an honor to protect their country. The athletes sometimes poured olive oil on themselves to show off their muscles and they were very proud of their bodies.

What part of society?

The part of society that participated in competitive sports were the young and ordinary people. Men were allowed to go to public gyms and train. They chose young people so that they could participate longer in the games. If an athlete was really good, the game makers could make even more money by selling autographs from the athlete. Also, if the athlete was young and good, they could take him to warfare and help them win wars. If you were very rich at the time, you could buy special equipment or to help you stay fit for a long time. If you were poor, you could still work out at gyms but you were limited to what you could use.

Most interesting part of research?

The most interesting part of my research was when I learned what they do with the cheaters or the champions. It depends on how badly they cheated, but they could be banned or killed. Today, they will take away your awards or ban you from the sport. But since they didn’t have steroids, or performing enhancing drugs, you could only be banned for cheating. Depending on how big the cheat was, they could...

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