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Ancient China Essay

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Since the beginning of recorded history, we have seen many different civilizations from all around the world. Some civilizations are still present till this day and continue to grow while others have fallen. Out of all civilizations in history, Chinese history is the longest lasting as it goes back to more than 3000 years. Out of all Chinese history, Ancient China is the most remembered. Ancient China’s great wisdom enabled them to become one of the most successful civilizations. This was proven through their flourishing economy, organized political structure and modern innovations.
The mark of every new dynasty would be the mark of a new economic advancement for the ancient Chinese ...view middle of the document...

They were bright minded and looked for new ideas to help benefit them in every way. Unlike other civilizations ancient China thought outside of the box which lead them to great success as seen through their economy. Therefore, ancient China’s strategic methods helped their economy to flourish unlike other civilizations that were narrow-minded and failed to do so.
That is to say, not only did ancient China’s economy flourish but also their political structure began to advance through each dynasty. This advancement was due to their great intelligence. In Shang dynasty, there was an emperor or empress who ruled over many smaller kings. Under these kings were a bunch of less powerful lords, and these lords ruled individual farmers. The lords collected taxes from the farmers and passed some along to the kings who passed some along to the emperor. In the Ch’in dynasty, instead of letting local kings run the local government, Ch’in sent out governors and judges that he had chosen himself, who were loyal to China and not to the local kings. In Han dynasty, the emperors began to use examinations to choose the smartest men to be their governors and judges. By having a hierarchical type of political structure it was better organized because each official was responsible for certain areas who consulted with others to make final decisions. This showed great logical thinking from the ancient Chinese as it prevented their government from being unsystematic. It was insightful of them to choose governors and judges that are loyal to china and not loyal to the king. This insured that they were dedicated to helping the people. This way, the people’s voices are heard and decisions are not directed to improving only the wealthiest but are to better improve ancient China as a whole. This stable method for a government and strategic changes is what led them to last as a civilization till this day. Therefore we can see how Ancient China used their great intellect to further improve their government. This logical thinking helped provide stability and lead them to prosper as a civilization for many years.
Lastly, Ancient China is most remembered for their bright minds which lead them to inventing many innovations that benefited them in every way. Iron moldboard plows were a huge advancement for ancient China which helped their economy flourish. A major invention was their method of row planting which no other civilization had come across. This technique allowed the crops to grow faster and stronger; it was a milestone for the ancient Chinese. It facilitated more efficient planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. There is also documentation that they realized that as the wind travels over rows of plants there is less damage. Also, another significant innovation invented in Han dynasty was the seed drill. Without this tool, seeds were tossed by hand over the ground resulting waste and inefficient, uneven growth. The technology of iron plows was not instituted into...

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